June 29, 2011

Mid-Week RaNdOmS : )

Good Beautiful Wednesday Morning!!!! I feel like I haven't posted anything in a long time! So get ready for lots of randoms....

*Birthdays!!! This past Monday may have been just any 'ole Monday to most of y'all, but for me and Abi, it was our birthday! I turned 27 years old... (not 30 Mark : )  And Abigail turned 3!!! I still can't believe Abi is 3 years old...time flies. And I can't believe that I'm getting close to 30! I remember when I was in high school and complaining and saying that I couldn't wait until I graduated, my mom told me that one day I would miss high school and that after I get married and have kids time will fly by. But I didn't believe her. Time used to seem to go by SO slow, now it's like a blur. Anyways : ) We had Abi's birthday party this past Saturday afternoon, and then Saturday evening there was another cake for me and we celebrated my birthday. We had a really fun day...

On Monday we woke up and had breakfast at Waffle House, I love their pecan waffles and hash browns (covered and chunked!!), then I took the girls to Toy's R Us to pick out some toys from Abi's birthday money from her MiMi and Pappaw. Ama got $20 to spend too which really made her day. Ama got a Rapunzel barbie doll, and Abi wanted a Snow White Barbie doll with animals, and she sang, and she picked out Snow White high heels and some Snow White dress up gloves and jewelry (And she kept talking about how that was her Mammaw's favorite princess!).  After our shopping we headed to the movie theatre to see Cars 2, it was a really good movie! I even cried.... I know... after our movie we went to the Flint Riverfront and played at the park and in the fountain. The girls loved it, and at the end of the day we were exhausted!

*Abi has a southern accent... and it's so funny to me, because some of her words are REALLY southern. I will have to record her talking sometime soon and post it!

*I'm getting really close to getting my sewing/embroidery machine. I'm getting really antsy... I have been wanting one for awhile, I have no idea how to sew, or embroider, but I think I can learn.... I have several ideas of some projects I want to do, and hopefully I don't get impatient with myself as I try to learn.

*I ran this morning. Yes very random, but I am proud of myself. I want to start exercising and I have been trying to motivate myself for a while now and this morning as much as I did not want to run, I put Skeeter on the leash and I ran. The girls played outside and I ran along the property here. I impressed myself with how well I did for how out of shape I am in. After I got the breathing down I did pretty good, and it felt great when I was done. I love the feeling after a good run. Now I just have to keep it up!!

*Part of my reason for running is to help me get in shape. I am at my heaviest that I have ever been. It's embarrassing to admit, but it's the truth. I HAVE to lose weight, I have zero energy and I feel sluggish all the time. Another thing that I have grown to like and will use in motivating me to lose weight, is Disc Golf. I was introduced to it by my Dad when I moved down here to Georgia, and I really like it, it's a fun sport. For my birthday I got a gift certificate to buy my own discs, and I bought them last night. I'm excited to get them in! I want to get in shape and really practice and get good and play in the tournament this fall. That is the goal anyways. We shall see : )

*Cheer leading registration starts July 11th... Ama really wants to try cheer leading, so we are thinking about doing that. She would be cheering for Upward football team. Which is Sherwood Baptist's football team (the church that made the movie Fireproof). This is a picture of their basketball cheer team.

*Who is watching The Voice?? I have to say that I think I like it better than American Idol... last night was awesome, my two favorites are Dia and Javier. I go back and forth on who's my favorite, but Javier can sing!!! He's such a good guy and I would love for him to win. But I would love for Dia to win too. Right now Dia is number one on iTunes, and Javier is number 2... So I definitely think it will come down between the two of them.

*People are so childish... A couple of weeks ago Ama's tee ball coach had a talk with the parents and told us that if any of us have a problem with him or anything else to contact the YMCA sport's director, well come to find supposedly someone sent an email out saying that the coach was "sexually harassing" a mom of one of the players... the coach's wife has been at every practice and game, and so have I, I have never witnessed the coach doing any such thing. And then at this weeks practice the coach told me that a dad of the boy on the team called and complained because the coach won't let his son play pitcher, and said the coach was unfair and unorganized... the rules state that you have to rotate the pitcher every inning. And the little boy I am talking about cries and throws a fit every time he doesn't get the ball or things don't go his way. The kids are 4, 5 and 6 years old.... can't we just let the kids get out there and play instead of taking things so seriously and calling on the coach and complaining because you think your kid deserves special treatment!

Time to start my day!!! I have lots to do today, but first I have to clean out my car... Weston would flip if he were to see the car right now : ) Have a wonderful week everyone!!

June 23, 2011

My little tee-ball star!

Was working on the Marlin's team coach's gift and I just had to share this picture : ) She is throwing the ball in this picture, and the ball is just being released from her hand.

June 22, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

*Ama and I are still battling sore throats, and a tad bit of stuffiness. Abi seems to be great but she does still have a slight cough.

*It is still so hot here, I'm getting very tired of the heat. It's draining, I can handle heat, but throw us a cool day every once in a while! Yesterday was the first day of Summer, but we have been in Summer here for awhile now! I have gotten to the point where I can't stand to be outside for long, it's just miserable.

*Weston has been gone for almost one year and 3 months now. It's very exhausting. I have such a new found respect for single mothers... but not only that. It's rough being apart from your husband for a long time. I wonder what it will be like when we actually live together again. When he has came home we have known that it is only for a few short weeks and we are so busy there is never a routine, it's rushing here or there. I've been thinking about how it will be getting used to each other again. I have changed since he has left, and I know he has changed. Also we will be far from all our family. It's going to be so different. I'm excited about Texas and I have met a couple of girls who will be traveling there the same time as me. Ama is anything but excited. She says she will NOT be moving to Texas. I'm not sure why because I only talk positive about it to her. She says she's staying right here in Georgia, or going back to Indiana. I think she is going to end up loving it. Once we move there and get settled and get to know some kids in the area and get involved in different activities.

*After Ama has been begging me to put her into school, I finally emailed the principal with our pre-enrollment application and asked if there was any more room for a first grader. There was not. But she did put Ama on the stand by list. After telling Ama this, she shocked me. "Well I decided I don't want to go to school anymore, I want to stay here with you."  .... ok? So I just told her we would pray about it, if a spot opened up where she could go we would discuss it again. But as of right now it looks like we will be home schooling. Once we get moved to Texas though I do want to check out the school on base and depending on how everything is going, she may go to school once we move.

*I put together a list of rules for the girls, and I will be printing it soon and posting it. There are simple rules on there and there are some ones that will be tough for the girls. When Weston left and I worked full time, they started getting their way ALOT. And it was my fault. But I was having a hard time juggling everything that was on my plate, and I did not have the patience to deal with hardly anything and I gave in alot. Some bad habits were created and now I will be facing what I created. I created the stress I put myself through, and it's because I wouldn't follow through with discipline. And also, after Weston left, Abi's bed became my bed... yes she sleeps with me. I have to break her of that because I don't get good sleep at night, she has to sleep as close to me as possible and it leaves me sleeping in uncomfortable positions... in my own bed! Under all the rules are posted what the punishment will be and I'm excited to start them. My kids haven't had a set bedtime in a long time, and I have on the same page what there bedtimes will be. I have different bedtimes for when School is in, and different one's for when it is Summer break. So mommy can have her time too...I know that this will be very hard when we get started. But I'm more excited about the outcome. Abi is wearing on me and she knows how to manipulate and get her way and it has to stop!

*Yesterday was Dad's (Mikes) double hernia surgery. We got to the hospital at 9:15 and it was 4:30 until we got home... long day!! He's doing good, he's in pain, and had to call in a different pain med. because he had an allergic reaction to the first one. I took my camera along and got several good pics. The whole family was there, and Pastor Chris came, I snapped a shot of the pastor praying over Dad and  it was a great picture! But I promised I wouldn't post any pics of him on the Internet...(because he had his jammies on for surgery).The girls wanted to get a Get Well balloon for him for when he came out of surgery and here's a pic of them.

 *Abi's birthday party is this Saturday and she is SO excited. She's having a princess party, and I will take lots of pictures to post!

That's all the randomness I have for today : ) Have a great rest of the week!

June 20, 2011

Stuffy Noses & Tonsils

Today has been a better day for us Tabor's then the past few days. Last Monday we took Ama to the doctor to have her tonsils looked at because they were still enlarged and she was complaining about them bothering her. On Tuesday we took Abi to the doctor because she was very irritable and complaining about her ear, and she had a fever. She ran a fever from last Monday all the way to Saturday! She didn't hardly sleep and was so whiny and clingy throughout the day. It was horrible. Thank God Saturday her fever broke and she has been getting better ever since. Today little Abi is acting her normal self, with just a slight cough.

Today was Ama's appointment with the ENT... Dr. Grant. I was told that he was one of the best in Albany. Well I don't care if he's the best I will never go back to him. He was so rude to me. When he walked in the room the first thing he asked me was why Ama was referred to him (and in a rude way) I explained that it was for enlarged tonsils, and in a rude voice again he asked me how many times she has had strep between last and this year. I told him once, in April. And then again he asked why I was referred there. After he checked Ama out (which by the way he was sweet as could be with her), he said that yes her tonsils were large, and that on one side she had some pus-pockets. But until she has had 4 infections in a year he wouldn't remove them. Me, not knowing anything about tonsils, I was trying to ask him questions, like why they changed from day to day, one day her tonsils will be touching or almost touching and the next day just one is hanging way out there. His response to me was (yes in a rude tone of voice) "Well why does her belly hurt after too much ice cream?" And then he just looks at me. I seriously had no interest in talking to this man after that comment. He had been rude with me since he walked in the door and I did not appreciate the way he talked to me. He ended up telling me that anything could aggravate her tonsils and cause them to swell, like allergies for example. He said that she just has large tonsils and that is something she will live with. They will bother her from time to time but until she gets recurring infections, or has problems sleeping because of them he will do nothing about them. I was very happy that she didn't need surgery... but I'm still concerned about her tonsils... he said that children with large tonsils will sleep with their mouths open, will snore and sometimes have pauses in their breathing. He said sometimes tonsils are removed because parents fear for their child's next breath while they sleep. And since I wasn't at her bedside waiting for her to breathe she would be fine. But it made me wonder if that was her problem when she was a baby. She was on a sleep apnea monitor when she was a baby because she would take long pauses between her breathing, she does sleep with her mouth open and she does snore (but not too bad). Maybe she's always had large tonsils and I just never noticed them until she got strep and I looked in her throat. Dr. Grant said he may or may not see us back in a few months to have them removed. But he wants fevers and infection at least 3 more times within the year. I would have had no problem with the guy had he answered my questions and not treated me like I was stupid. I could tell he was aggravated with the pediatrician for referring us, but he didn't have to take that out on me. I had questions and I just wanted answers to them. Every question I asked he had a sarcastic response to and he didn't even fully answer my question. So at the end when he asked if I had any questions I said no. I was done with him. He was very unprofessional and I will not return to see him.

Along with all the sickness going on, Ama and I both woke up with sore throats and stuffy noses this morning : / (thanks Abi) I'm hoping we aren't coming down with anything too bad... On a more positive side... today has been quite productive. Mondays are big cleaning days, I don't clean on the weekends, so Monday is quite a busy day! The girls have been helping alot today, they helped clean their room and play room and had a good attitude about it! Hope everyone has a great week!!

June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I love the weekends and getting to spend so much time with family! Okay okay... I'm excited because Ama is spending the night at her Nana and Pop's house : ) one less child to deal with for one night. I haven't been sleeping too well the past few nights because Abi has been sick, and she is one clingy child, so when she's sick it's 10 times worse! I need a break... although Ama is my big helper. I got everything ready for Abi's party next weekend, and her present arrived today via FedEx! I can't wait!

I found a shirt online (while looking for something else) that I really want!! Maybe sometime in the near future I will have the money to get it! http://www.cafepress.com/+red_shirt_womens_dark_tshirt,451446963?utm_content=women%27s+dark+t-shirt&cmp=dac--ta--us--000--00000&utm_source=Tellapart&utm_campaign=retargeting&pid=6673149&utm_medium=display?aid=41135299    Ever since joining the Military I have always had a passion for them, and I am a huge supporter for all they do!

So this Sunday is Father's Day... I hope all you Daddy's out there have a wonderful Father's Day!!! I have several great Daddy's in my life to celebrate... and since my weekends are normally pretty busy, I thought I would take some time to celebrate them!

First, my husband. He has been a Daddy for 6 years now, and he's great. I actually feel sorry for him in the near future, because he will have his hands full and stressing about boys! Grey hair will be coming soon : )  I have two beautiful little girls, one of them already being boy crazy, so I can only imagine what Weston will be going through here in a few years! I'm very lucky to be married to someone who loves his family. He is very family oriented and would do anything for us. He loves his baby girls, and they think the world of him. Even though he's half way across the world, he's still the best Daddy and we love him so much! Happy Father's Day Weston!!!

I am very blessed to have such a great Father In Law! I have so much respect for him and I admire him so much. My husband posted this picture of his Dad and Grandfather today and said this..."‎Two of the greatest men in my life, who have influenced, helped and guided me into the man I am today and I thank them so much. I love you both very much and wish you a very very Happy Fathers Day." I am so blessed that my husband has Godly men in his life!

And my Daddy's... yes, I have two! God blessed me with two great men, they both put into my life different things, different lessons, different ways of love, they both helped shape me into who I am today. I love them both so much. Divorce is always a sticky situation, but, my mom married the perfect person for her and our family. He has loved us since he walked into our lives and I am SO thankful that God sent him to our family. No one else could love my mom more and show us what a marriage is supposed to be. He has lived a Godly life and has lead his family down the right path. And my other Dad... I feel so blessed to have been able to move down here and spend time with him, it has been life changing for me. He will probably never understand how much  this time together with him means to me. I am so much like him, sometimes it's scary! I love the fact that I can just be me around him and I feel so comfortable. There's nothing like a Daddy's love... I have the best of two, and I love them so much... Happy Father's Day!!

June 15, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

*Still trying to get over this heat!! Triple digit weather and humidity don't go too well together!

*The garden is coming along, we are preparing the ground to add squash, pepper, carrots and peas. It is hard work preparing the ground to plant seeds when all you have to work with is a garden rake and a shovel! But the girls love it! They planted the 4 veggies in a pot to get them growing and then we will transplant them to the ground!

*Took Ama to the doctor on Monday because her tonsils are still HUGE from having strep back in April. He told me that on a scale of 1-4 her tonsils are a 3 plus, 4 would be them touching and they are almost touching. So she will see an ENT next Monday to see if she's a candidate to have them removed.

*I am planning Abi's birthday party and I must say it is so weird not inviting many kids. But she will still have alot of people at her party! For her birthday the only thing she has told me so far that she wants is a Princess bike : ) So looks like I will be hunting for an Abi size Princess bike!

*We went to the pool on Sunday afternoon and now not only can Ama swim, but she can swim under water! I am so proud of her. Abi could actually be swimming by the end of summer. She does all the right motions, kicks and swims with her arms, I let go of her a few times but she just sunk : ) she loves going under the water.

*I am also in the process of writing down ideas for the Marlin's end of season party (which is July 16th). I am pretty positive I have came up with the perfect Coach's gift, I think he will love it (more on that after July 16th :)). Now I am just more focused on the actual party. Any ideas???

*I'm planning a trip home! My sister is turning 16!! I can't miss her turning 16... that's kind of a BIG deal. So as of  right now I will be back in Indiana the last weekend in July! We are excited!!

*In the local news today I read about an injury that happened on Monday at the Blue Hole at the river! A guy swang from the rope and when he hit the water went unconscious, the article says he is still in the hospital. Pretty scary, them guys would swing and hang upside down with one arm holding the rope, and do some pretty scary stuff, from REALLY high up. And we were just there on Sunday!!

*I'm missing the beach, and we are SO close, I'm thinking we need to pack a picnic and head down to the beach for a day sometime really soon...

*Abi started running a fever Monday night and saying her head was hurting, but the next morning she was fine and fever free, and then last night in the middle of the night she woke up with a fever again and real whiny, but this morning fine, and then early afternoon started crying and holding her left ear saying it hurt. So we are back off to the doctor now to see what's going on. I gave her medicine and now she's acting fine again, but I want to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection, (and so maybe I can get some decent sleep tonight).

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!

June 12, 2011

River Fun

We had a really fun weekend! This past friday, me and the girls went with my Granny and Papa to meet my Aunt Sheila and my cousin Justin at a park near their house. I can't remember for the life of me the name of the state park. But, Papa went to play disc golf, and the rest of us went to the beach area on the river! I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous, because it's a river and there are only a couple thousand gators in the river (according to Justin). And I was a little nervous because pools have spoiled me and I like to see where my feet are stepping. But we got in and had lots of fun. Ama and Abi absolutely loved it, Abi kept going under the water on purpose and coming up just squealing and giggling. Ama had a blast, and they loved playing in the water with Aunt Sheila! She's so much fun and the girls love her (so do I!). I had to keep dismissing my grossed out thoughts every time I went through a patch of really warm water, especially when I was near someone...

But definitely the most fun was Justin bringing their kayaks, and I got to go kayaking. At first, I was somewhat terrified. I was good in the roped off swimming area, but out there with the waves from the boats rocking my itty bitty boat, the fear of being turned over and a gator or some river creature grabbing me terrified me! But Justin told me to 'grow me some', and I tried ; )  We kayaked to the "blue hole", a natural spring. I had no idea what to expect, this was my first time going to something like this, and to save me from major embarrassment I am not even going to begin to describe what I thought I would see... We kayaked through a little bit of a wooded area (yes ALL my strength went into keeping that kayak away from the land), and we came out into the spring. There were several guys hootin' and hollerin' and one girl standing on a wooden platform built off the tree and she was holding a rope and they were cheering her on.  I watched her take the plunge, and then following her I watched these guys do all these tricks and flipping up in the air into the water, I had never seen anything like this before and was amazed!! The "hole" where all this was taking place was not a big area, and there was a huge rock where we all sat and watched these people. One of the guys told me they average about 7-8 injuries a month, and just 2 months ago a boy died there. If you don't let go of the rope at the right time, or you jump out too far, you can smack the big rock, and nothing good comes from that! I was nervous watching all these guys, they were climbing to the tops of 30 ft. trees and hanging from the branches and dropping into the "hole", They said the blue hole is about 70-80ft. deep! I am very thankful that Justin made me swing off the rope. Had none of the other people have been there I wouldn't have done it, but I couldn't look like too big of a chicken, so I did. I swung off the rope and hit the water, and it seemed like it took forever to reach air, I actually pulled a muscle in my thigh kicking to reach air so fast (who knows what was lurking below!!). Of all times for my camera's battery to die, this was the worst! I wanted to catch what these guys were doing on camera so bad! Justin had his phone and I snapped a few pictures of Ama swinging off the kids rope. I had so much fun at the river. I had a lot of fun with Justin, and I'm so thankful to him for taking me and Ama out there and being so great with Ama! Here are the only pictures I got...

 Getting ready to go swimming on the beach area!

 Justin (with Granny in the background)
This is from the cell phone, and you can't see, but Justin is with Ama behind the tree getting her ready to swing off the little rope.
And then Justin got in the water while a guy helped her swing, and this is her landing in the water! I was so proud of her that she actually did it, she was pretty nervous!!

 And all grin, this is her swimming back to the rock with Justin : )

June 11, 2011

VBS 2011

Ama and Abi had VBS graduation this past Thursday night, they were so cute. The small Baptist church was PaCkEd! All the family had come to watch their little ones. I sat in the front row to tape it for Weston so he could watch them. Once again, I am just so impressed with the people of this church, I hope the Pastor realizes just how blessed he is to have so many great people. They truly are a great bunch of people with great hearts! The girls had a blast this past week and below I posted several little clips of them singing : ) 

Aren't they SO cute : ) (Ama hurt her leg right before this pic)

June 9, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms!

* This morning me and the girls FINALLY planted our garden. Ama has been begging to do a garden, but I wanted to wait until we knew more about where we were going. Now that we knew we would be here for a few more months we were ready to start our garden! I had LOTS of things to plant, but we only got a few done... it's REALLY hard work. All I had was a shovel and a garden rake, and all my body would allow me to do was a small patch. I guess I thought I was super woman to think I could plant all the stuff we had! This weekend my Dad and Amber are going to help with the rest of the garden. So far, we have tomatoes, watermelon, green peppers, and okra. This weekend we hope to get planted some peas, carrots, radishes, more tomatoes, and some pepper. (Ama picked all of these out). And we still have some sunflower seeds that haven't been planted yet that was part of Ama's b'day present from Aunt Sheila. This is our first garden, so hopefully some of it turns out : )

* I already miss my parents, I had a lot of fun with them while they were here. We drove all over Albany while mom showed me everywhere she lived and went to school, and told stories about different places. It was really neat, I love seeing things like that. We played some disc golf in the backyard, and although I'm not too sure Hanah and Jesh really liked it, I had fun playing with them! I also had alot of fun playing cornhole, it's a pretty fun game, and as Jesh said, can be stressful : ) haha!

*Tonight is Ama and Abi's VBS graduation. Ama has kept everything a secret all week so I'm pretty excited to see the show they put on. I am amazed at the church, it's a small church, but the whole church is there pitching in any way they can. They really amazed me at how welcoming they are to us and others that aren't from their church. And I loved seeing how hard they worked for those kids, all the men and women from the church pitched in and made it a really great week. I will be video taping the show, so look for the video!!

* I am getting really excited about Ft. Hood, it's so awesome to me at how God can give me such peace and an excitement for something. I can't fully talk for Weston (he says what makes me happy, makes him happy), but as for me, I'm very excited!! I've been doing lots of research on the area, and I have already called housing and finding out what all we will need to do  when it gets closer to time! And I already know someone there, so that's fun too!

* I started my weight loss challenge a couple of days ago... and so far I would say it's not going so good. But I'm not going to give up, it's just hard to get in the swing of things and make myself work out. I'm going for a lifestyle change here, and it's definitely hard, but I have a goal, and I'm trying to stay motivated.

* I'm planning Abi's birthday party, she wants a princess party. Ever since Disney World she has been all about her princesses.

* I took Abi to cut all her hair off, because I'm tired of the permanent rat's nest she has going on back there. But, the stylist talked me into not cutting it off and trying a leave in conditioner and braiding her hair every night before bed. We did it last night and it really helped, not to mention she looks so cute with a braid!

End of the randoms : ) we need to start getting ready for VBS!

June 8, 2011

As of right now (unless anymore changes get thrown at us), it looks like we will be heading for Ft. Hood, Texas later this fall! At first, I was not so happy about this, since Weston was waiting for his very first duty station all I said was, 'As long as it's not Ft. Hood!!'  Funny how God works sometimes : ) We got Korea, and now Ft. Hood. But I am actually excited about it now. We will be 14 hours away from Mt. Vernon, which for us and our family with our kids, that would be more like a 16 hour drive, so any trips home will have to be a 2 day thing. And from here in Georgia, it's a 15 hour drive! I'm excited though, I've never been to Texas, and it's a great opportunity to get to travel and see different things. I'm hoping that we as a family can do a little bit of sight seeing and traveling while we are there, and I'm excited to finally be by a base and experience everything. I always hear about how you meet all kinds of people and make close friends for life, and I'm ready to see what God has in store for us!

June 7, 2011


Everyone knows our situation with waiting from day to day to hear if we are approved or not approved to go to Korea. Well, in the meantime, we are still checking his AKO acct. to find out what his projected orders are, and this morning we got them. I will not be saying where they are too, because for one, Weston doesn't even know yet ; ) But it's not any of our choices that we had down. I just feel discouraged because this whole experience has been rough. Korea has been a nightmare at times, and I just really wanted the Army to cut us a break and give us somewhere decent. The hardest thing, is that most branch managers after having a one year hardship tour, let you pick your next base as long as there is an opening... we seem to be getting the worst of everything!  At least one good thing if we do stay in the states, we get to jump up in the housing waiting list. He will get back dated from the time he got to Korea. So we will have a good chance at getting on post housing I hope!

I don't mean to sound so negative, I'm just really disappointed. The base we are projected to go to is the one base from the beginning I said I didn't want to go to. But as long as our family is together we can make the most out of anywhere we are. So now, I just need to TRUST God! I know He is watching out for us, and I am just waiting to see where we will be going.... trying my absolute BEST to be patient.

June 5, 2011

Marlins Vs. Yankees

These are the video clips of Ama's first Tee Ball game! My brother and sister were nice enough to film for me, since I was busy helping out on the field and off. We had a lot of fun, but it was SOOO hot! We were all soaked with sweat. Ama played first base, but started getting frustrated half way through, so we moved her to second base. It was their first time playing the game and they had all kinds of things being yelled at them, so several of the kids were having some meltdowns on the field. But, I am SO proud of her, she's still the best one out there! And she can hit so good too! Enjoy!

June 1, 2011

Some mid-week RaNdOmS!!

* Ama is playing second base for her TBall team!! Woo hoo! Not to mention I played second base in high school! I just have to brag for a minute ; ) while she was hitting I heard all the other parents just going on and on about her, about how good she is and how good she hits the ball. She really impressed me, because not only did she hit the ball every time she swung, but she hit only the ball! Most of the kids, and I would expect Ama to also, but alot of them hit the tee along with the ball, or they hit the tee only... I was very impressed with my baby girl! This Saturday is her first game and I'm so excited!!

* The heat! It's reaching the triple digits down here!!It's not even summer yet and it's miserable... and the gnats make it worse...

* We are getting close to the weekend which means my family will be here! We are excited about them coming!

* I am attempting to wean myself off of caffeine... specifically Coke. I love Coke!! Which brings me to my next thought...

* I'm so ready to lose weight and get it off for good. I bounce up and down with my weight and I'm getting to the point of just being so tired of being overweight. It has a negative impact on everything! I will be trying something new to help me lose weight sometime here in the near future... If it helps me, and I like it... I will share with you! But one of the things I will share with you now : ) I met a girl in Basic training, her last name was Winkler, and I called her Wink Wink, she called me Grine Grine. She was one of those friends that I knew I would have for life. I have so many memories with her, we pushed each other... especially during PT, and especially the running part : )  She is an Independent Team Beach Body Coach, and I'm so proud of her! She is on her journey to lose weight and she is doing awesome! I can really tell that she has a passion to help others lose weight too! You can go to her website and sign up for a FREE acct. to let her coach you and you can use some Beach Body tools online and track your progress! You don't have to buy any products, it can strictly be used just for motivation.  Right now she has a summer weight loss challenge that is fixing to start soon, and there's a prize ; )I'm SO in! Check her story out at http://www.teambeachbody.com/TameraChapman

* I have yet to start cleaning to get ready for my parents this weekend, why do I always procrastinate? I think I just like stressing myself out! Not like I have that big of a space to clean anyways ; )

* And no... we have not heard anything about being approved or not approved for Command Sponsorship, I wish!

I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week!!