June 1, 2011

Some mid-week RaNdOmS!!

* Ama is playing second base for her TBall team!! Woo hoo! Not to mention I played second base in high school! I just have to brag for a minute ; ) while she was hitting I heard all the other parents just going on and on about her, about how good she is and how good she hits the ball. She really impressed me, because not only did she hit the ball every time she swung, but she hit only the ball! Most of the kids, and I would expect Ama to also, but alot of them hit the tee along with the ball, or they hit the tee only... I was very impressed with my baby girl! This Saturday is her first game and I'm so excited!!

* The heat! It's reaching the triple digits down here!!It's not even summer yet and it's miserable... and the gnats make it worse...

* We are getting close to the weekend which means my family will be here! We are excited about them coming!

* I am attempting to wean myself off of caffeine... specifically Coke. I love Coke!! Which brings me to my next thought...

* I'm so ready to lose weight and get it off for good. I bounce up and down with my weight and I'm getting to the point of just being so tired of being overweight. It has a negative impact on everything! I will be trying something new to help me lose weight sometime here in the near future... If it helps me, and I like it... I will share with you! But one of the things I will share with you now : ) I met a girl in Basic training, her last name was Winkler, and I called her Wink Wink, she called me Grine Grine. She was one of those friends that I knew I would have for life. I have so many memories with her, we pushed each other... especially during PT, and especially the running part : )  She is an Independent Team Beach Body Coach, and I'm so proud of her! She is on her journey to lose weight and she is doing awesome! I can really tell that she has a passion to help others lose weight too! You can go to her website and sign up for a FREE acct. to let her coach you and you can use some Beach Body tools online and track your progress! You don't have to buy any products, it can strictly be used just for motivation.  Right now she has a summer weight loss challenge that is fixing to start soon, and there's a prize ; )I'm SO in! Check her story out at http://www.teambeachbody.com/TameraChapman

* I have yet to start cleaning to get ready for my parents this weekend, why do I always procrastinate? I think I just like stressing myself out! Not like I have that big of a space to clean anyways ; )

* And no... we have not heard anything about being approved or not approved for Command Sponsorship, I wish!

I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week!!

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