June 29, 2011

Mid-Week RaNdOmS : )

Good Beautiful Wednesday Morning!!!! I feel like I haven't posted anything in a long time! So get ready for lots of randoms....

*Birthdays!!! This past Monday may have been just any 'ole Monday to most of y'all, but for me and Abi, it was our birthday! I turned 27 years old... (not 30 Mark : )  And Abigail turned 3!!! I still can't believe Abi is 3 years old...time flies. And I can't believe that I'm getting close to 30! I remember when I was in high school and complaining and saying that I couldn't wait until I graduated, my mom told me that one day I would miss high school and that after I get married and have kids time will fly by. But I didn't believe her. Time used to seem to go by SO slow, now it's like a blur. Anyways : ) We had Abi's birthday party this past Saturday afternoon, and then Saturday evening there was another cake for me and we celebrated my birthday. We had a really fun day...

On Monday we woke up and had breakfast at Waffle House, I love their pecan waffles and hash browns (covered and chunked!!), then I took the girls to Toy's R Us to pick out some toys from Abi's birthday money from her MiMi and Pappaw. Ama got $20 to spend too which really made her day. Ama got a Rapunzel barbie doll, and Abi wanted a Snow White Barbie doll with animals, and she sang, and she picked out Snow White high heels and some Snow White dress up gloves and jewelry (And she kept talking about how that was her Mammaw's favorite princess!).  After our shopping we headed to the movie theatre to see Cars 2, it was a really good movie! I even cried.... I know... after our movie we went to the Flint Riverfront and played at the park and in the fountain. The girls loved it, and at the end of the day we were exhausted!

*Abi has a southern accent... and it's so funny to me, because some of her words are REALLY southern. I will have to record her talking sometime soon and post it!

*I'm getting really close to getting my sewing/embroidery machine. I'm getting really antsy... I have been wanting one for awhile, I have no idea how to sew, or embroider, but I think I can learn.... I have several ideas of some projects I want to do, and hopefully I don't get impatient with myself as I try to learn.

*I ran this morning. Yes very random, but I am proud of myself. I want to start exercising and I have been trying to motivate myself for a while now and this morning as much as I did not want to run, I put Skeeter on the leash and I ran. The girls played outside and I ran along the property here. I impressed myself with how well I did for how out of shape I am in. After I got the breathing down I did pretty good, and it felt great when I was done. I love the feeling after a good run. Now I just have to keep it up!!

*Part of my reason for running is to help me get in shape. I am at my heaviest that I have ever been. It's embarrassing to admit, but it's the truth. I HAVE to lose weight, I have zero energy and I feel sluggish all the time. Another thing that I have grown to like and will use in motivating me to lose weight, is Disc Golf. I was introduced to it by my Dad when I moved down here to Georgia, and I really like it, it's a fun sport. For my birthday I got a gift certificate to buy my own discs, and I bought them last night. I'm excited to get them in! I want to get in shape and really practice and get good and play in the tournament this fall. That is the goal anyways. We shall see : )

*Cheer leading registration starts July 11th... Ama really wants to try cheer leading, so we are thinking about doing that. She would be cheering for Upward football team. Which is Sherwood Baptist's football team (the church that made the movie Fireproof). This is a picture of their basketball cheer team.

*Who is watching The Voice?? I have to say that I think I like it better than American Idol... last night was awesome, my two favorites are Dia and Javier. I go back and forth on who's my favorite, but Javier can sing!!! He's such a good guy and I would love for him to win. But I would love for Dia to win too. Right now Dia is number one on iTunes, and Javier is number 2... So I definitely think it will come down between the two of them.

*People are so childish... A couple of weeks ago Ama's tee ball coach had a talk with the parents and told us that if any of us have a problem with him or anything else to contact the YMCA sport's director, well come to find supposedly someone sent an email out saying that the coach was "sexually harassing" a mom of one of the players... the coach's wife has been at every practice and game, and so have I, I have never witnessed the coach doing any such thing. And then at this weeks practice the coach told me that a dad of the boy on the team called and complained because the coach won't let his son play pitcher, and said the coach was unfair and unorganized... the rules state that you have to rotate the pitcher every inning. And the little boy I am talking about cries and throws a fit every time he doesn't get the ball or things don't go his way. The kids are 4, 5 and 6 years old.... can't we just let the kids get out there and play instead of taking things so seriously and calling on the coach and complaining because you think your kid deserves special treatment!

Time to start my day!!! I have lots to do today, but first I have to clean out my car... Weston would flip if he were to see the car right now : ) Have a wonderful week everyone!!

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