June 8, 2011

As of right now (unless anymore changes get thrown at us), it looks like we will be heading for Ft. Hood, Texas later this fall! At first, I was not so happy about this, since Weston was waiting for his very first duty station all I said was, 'As long as it's not Ft. Hood!!'  Funny how God works sometimes : ) We got Korea, and now Ft. Hood. But I am actually excited about it now. We will be 14 hours away from Mt. Vernon, which for us and our family with our kids, that would be more like a 16 hour drive, so any trips home will have to be a 2 day thing. And from here in Georgia, it's a 15 hour drive! I'm excited though, I've never been to Texas, and it's a great opportunity to get to travel and see different things. I'm hoping that we as a family can do a little bit of sight seeing and traveling while we are there, and I'm excited to finally be by a base and experience everything. I always hear about how you meet all kinds of people and make close friends for life, and I'm ready to see what God has in store for us!

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