December 14, 2011

mid~week randoms

* I'm slippin' on keeping up with my blog!! I have several things keeping me very busy... one of them has taken time to get used to... my husband... it has definitely been a time of readjusting since he has been home. In a good way though! I knew it would take time, and we are still in the process, but 18 months is a long time, and the girls don't like it when Weston disciplines them, they still look to me for the final answer in everything, which drives Weston crazy. But we are getting there. Another thing keeping me busy are..

* The girls! We feel so blessed that God gave us the perfect place for our family! We are surrounded by some great families, and our girls are constantly bouncing from one house to the other, including ours! They are a good group of kids so it has been fun!

* My photography business has been going well... actually better than I thought! When I got the camera I wasn't counting on it taking off until next year sometime, I figured I would be doing alot of advertising... but a week after I had my camera I had my first newborn session, which was a lot of fun! I've done a Welcome Home session, which is so emotional, especially when there are kids involved, so yes :) I may have shed a tear or two! And I have some sessions in the works right now which is exciting! I definitely feel that God is blessing us! If you haven't checked out my FB page yet, here it is : )   But keep in mind, I am still learning! I haven't taken classes or anything yet, so I'm new to this : )

* Over the weekend we took the girls to see Christmas lights and Santa Clause! They LOVED it. Abi s so much fun this year, all she talks about is Santa. Ama has been questioning whether or not he is real, but so far she is leaning towards he is real.

* LOVE, love love love our church : )  I can honestly say i wouldn't mind living here forever to just attend this church... does that sound silly? I definitely believe that we are here in Texas for a reason... and I feel that DWOC has a place in that reason. I'm excited to see what happens in our time here in Texas!

* Amariah is doing good, she loves her school, and her class.  She likes being here in Texas, all of her friends keep her busy, but she does miss family.  She's getting so big, in just a few months she will be 7! It's hard to believe I've been a Mommy for almost 7 years! I'm so proud of Ama though. She has such a beautiful heart, and it's been alot of fun watching her interact with her friends. Although one of her friends I think she's starting to have a crush on... A little boy named Connor, and he's in the 2nd grade! He's always over here asking for Ama to come play, and Ama grins from ear to ear every time, and she will race to the door to make sure she's the first one there to say hi to him!

* Abigail is quite the little stinker... She's the youngest kid on the block, but she sure is the bossiest! She loves playing with all the little boys while the big kids are in school. She loves riding her bike, and scooter, she holds her head high when she's on her bike and you can tell she knows she's a big girl! She still has the funniest facial expressions and can make you laugh all the time! She's constantly telling stories or singing songs all day!

* Weston and I are good! We really like it here! I'm doing the photography thing, and Weston is fixin' to start school... details about that to come sometime in the near future... We feel very blessed, and I believe that God has great things in store for our family, and I'm very excited about it!!

Hope y'all have a very blessed week!!


December 5, 2011

I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have found such an amazing church! We attended Destiny yesterday morning for the 3rd Sunday in a row and all four of us LOVE it. Last night Weston and I went to a Marriage Bible Study... turned out it was their Christmas party... I was a little iffy in the beginning because they were doing games... I'm a little shy at first, especially when I don't know anyone, and Weston volunteered us for one of the games, and then somehow we got sucked into another game! I wish I would have snapped a picture with my phone last night, but the first game we played was a relay race and I started our team off. I had to put vaseline all over my face (which felt disgusting) and run over to a table with a bowl full of cotton balls, stick my face in and run back to tag the next player to repeat what I just did. I laughed so hard... and others laughed so hard at me too : ) Our team lost... but it was so much fun! The next game we had to play was a kissing game. There were 6 teams (husband and wife were a team) and we were competing to see which husband could unwrap 5 hershey kisses and feed them to his wife, on the last hershey kiss he had to "seal the kiss" with a 10 second long kiss, the catch was the husband had to do this wearing thick winter gloves! Let me tell you, one couple in there got a little pg-13 with their kissing (I seriously had to turn my head I was getting grossed out!) Weston and I ended up coming in 2nd place, and he slightly embarrassed me when he sealed his kiss he bent me backwards to kiss me and the whole room was cheering him on... my face was probably bright red... but it was alot of fun. We met alot of young couples and the group is a very close and extremely fun group! Can't wait to go back : )