June 20, 2011

Stuffy Noses & Tonsils

Today has been a better day for us Tabor's then the past few days. Last Monday we took Ama to the doctor to have her tonsils looked at because they were still enlarged and she was complaining about them bothering her. On Tuesday we took Abi to the doctor because she was very irritable and complaining about her ear, and she had a fever. She ran a fever from last Monday all the way to Saturday! She didn't hardly sleep and was so whiny and clingy throughout the day. It was horrible. Thank God Saturday her fever broke and she has been getting better ever since. Today little Abi is acting her normal self, with just a slight cough.

Today was Ama's appointment with the ENT... Dr. Grant. I was told that he was one of the best in Albany. Well I don't care if he's the best I will never go back to him. He was so rude to me. When he walked in the room the first thing he asked me was why Ama was referred to him (and in a rude way) I explained that it was for enlarged tonsils, and in a rude voice again he asked me how many times she has had strep between last and this year. I told him once, in April. And then again he asked why I was referred there. After he checked Ama out (which by the way he was sweet as could be with her), he said that yes her tonsils were large, and that on one side she had some pus-pockets. But until she has had 4 infections in a year he wouldn't remove them. Me, not knowing anything about tonsils, I was trying to ask him questions, like why they changed from day to day, one day her tonsils will be touching or almost touching and the next day just one is hanging way out there. His response to me was (yes in a rude tone of voice) "Well why does her belly hurt after too much ice cream?" And then he just looks at me. I seriously had no interest in talking to this man after that comment. He had been rude with me since he walked in the door and I did not appreciate the way he talked to me. He ended up telling me that anything could aggravate her tonsils and cause them to swell, like allergies for example. He said that she just has large tonsils and that is something she will live with. They will bother her from time to time but until she gets recurring infections, or has problems sleeping because of them he will do nothing about them. I was very happy that she didn't need surgery... but I'm still concerned about her tonsils... he said that children with large tonsils will sleep with their mouths open, will snore and sometimes have pauses in their breathing. He said sometimes tonsils are removed because parents fear for their child's next breath while they sleep. And since I wasn't at her bedside waiting for her to breathe she would be fine. But it made me wonder if that was her problem when she was a baby. She was on a sleep apnea monitor when she was a baby because she would take long pauses between her breathing, she does sleep with her mouth open and she does snore (but not too bad). Maybe she's always had large tonsils and I just never noticed them until she got strep and I looked in her throat. Dr. Grant said he may or may not see us back in a few months to have them removed. But he wants fevers and infection at least 3 more times within the year. I would have had no problem with the guy had he answered my questions and not treated me like I was stupid. I could tell he was aggravated with the pediatrician for referring us, but he didn't have to take that out on me. I had questions and I just wanted answers to them. Every question I asked he had a sarcastic response to and he didn't even fully answer my question. So at the end when he asked if I had any questions I said no. I was done with him. He was very unprofessional and I will not return to see him.

Along with all the sickness going on, Ama and I both woke up with sore throats and stuffy noses this morning : / (thanks Abi) I'm hoping we aren't coming down with anything too bad... On a more positive side... today has been quite productive. Mondays are big cleaning days, I don't clean on the weekends, so Monday is quite a busy day! The girls have been helping alot today, they helped clean their room and play room and had a good attitude about it! Hope everyone has a great week!!

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