June 9, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms!

* This morning me and the girls FINALLY planted our garden. Ama has been begging to do a garden, but I wanted to wait until we knew more about where we were going. Now that we knew we would be here for a few more months we were ready to start our garden! I had LOTS of things to plant, but we only got a few done... it's REALLY hard work. All I had was a shovel and a garden rake, and all my body would allow me to do was a small patch. I guess I thought I was super woman to think I could plant all the stuff we had! This weekend my Dad and Amber are going to help with the rest of the garden. So far, we have tomatoes, watermelon, green peppers, and okra. This weekend we hope to get planted some peas, carrots, radishes, more tomatoes, and some pepper. (Ama picked all of these out). And we still have some sunflower seeds that haven't been planted yet that was part of Ama's b'day present from Aunt Sheila. This is our first garden, so hopefully some of it turns out : )

* I already miss my parents, I had a lot of fun with them while they were here. We drove all over Albany while mom showed me everywhere she lived and went to school, and told stories about different places. It was really neat, I love seeing things like that. We played some disc golf in the backyard, and although I'm not too sure Hanah and Jesh really liked it, I had fun playing with them! I also had alot of fun playing cornhole, it's a pretty fun game, and as Jesh said, can be stressful : ) haha!

*Tonight is Ama and Abi's VBS graduation. Ama has kept everything a secret all week so I'm pretty excited to see the show they put on. I am amazed at the church, it's a small church, but the whole church is there pitching in any way they can. They really amazed me at how welcoming they are to us and others that aren't from their church. And I loved seeing how hard they worked for those kids, all the men and women from the church pitched in and made it a really great week. I will be video taping the show, so look for the video!!

* I am getting really excited about Ft. Hood, it's so awesome to me at how God can give me such peace and an excitement for something. I can't fully talk for Weston (he says what makes me happy, makes him happy), but as for me, I'm very excited!! I've been doing lots of research on the area, and I have already called housing and finding out what all we will need to do  when it gets closer to time! And I already know someone there, so that's fun too!

* I started my weight loss challenge a couple of days ago... and so far I would say it's not going so good. But I'm not going to give up, it's just hard to get in the swing of things and make myself work out. I'm going for a lifestyle change here, and it's definitely hard, but I have a goal, and I'm trying to stay motivated.

* I'm planning Abi's birthday party, she wants a princess party. Ever since Disney World she has been all about her princesses.

* I took Abi to cut all her hair off, because I'm tired of the permanent rat's nest she has going on back there. But, the stylist talked me into not cutting it off and trying a leave in conditioner and braiding her hair every night before bed. We did it last night and it really helped, not to mention she looks so cute with a braid!

End of the randoms : ) we need to start getting ready for VBS!

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