January 24, 2011

We are moving!!

Me and the girls will be making the big move to a small town in Georgia. This will allow me to quit my job, which in turn will eliminate a lot of my stress! It was a huge decision, one that I battled for weeks, and after LOTS of prayer and fasting and going back and forth I feel at peace with my decision, and I honestly feel it is the right decision. This will allow me to not only be less stressed, but allow me to spend more time with my girls and go back to homeschooling. While there on vacation I discovered a huge church, Sherwood Baptist, it is the same church that put the movies Fireproof and Facing The Giants out. It is Baptist, and I attend an Assemblies of God church, but I have heard this church has lots of children's events and has an amazing children's program, and I'm sure they have a mother's group, and I'm very excited about visiting there! Moving away from what I know will definitely be a huge change, and I will admit to being nervous about making the move. I'm leaving my comfort zone, but I'm excited to see what's in store for us. I think God has big plans for me and my family, and  who knows where we will end up next!! The girls and I will move to Georgia the weekend of March 26th, very soon!! We will stay there through the remainder of Weston's tour in South Korea, which should be through October 26th, although he will have out processing to go through too. Starting sometime this May we will start looking at duty stations and see what is available for us to go to. We are praying for God's direction and that he opens the right doors for us. We have talked about Italy and Germany, just to have a chance to get out there and see some of the world while we have the chance. But who knows what God has in store for us. Where He leads us is where we will go. Thank you to all of you who have been supporting us and have been so generous to us!! You have no idea how much you have blessed us! Thank you so much for your prayers, and we ask that you continue to pray for us and that the right doors are opened as we start searching for Weston's new duty station! With having a year unaccompanied tour overseas he gets to pick his next duty station, but there has to be an opening for his MOS (job) and his pay grade. Hope y'all have a great day!!!

January 20, 2011

Flint RiverQuarium

So today ended up not being a lazy day! We went to Zaxby's for lunch (which by the way, their chicken fingers are awesome!) Then we met Papa and Granny at Flint RiverQuarium, Ama wanted to adopt a turtle, and Abi loved looking at the fish. Ama was more into the tunnels and hands on thing. It was a neat exhibit, probably the most fascinating thing to me was the Albino Alligator, and the bird exhibit. Now it's about time to get stuffed on some boiled peanuts!!

January 19, 2011

Day of fun!

Today was a fun day, the girls had a blast! We first went to the Mane Event, the horse ranch that Brandy manages, the girls got to pet several horses and feed them carrots, I enjoyed being with the horses, I'm pretty jealous of her job. After that we met Granny and Aunt Sheila at Chehaw park where we went to the zoo and played at the playground for hours. Aunt Sheila really had fun with girls and played hard with them, they loved it. She sure wasn't scared to get down and dirty, and even get her booty soaking wet! We went out to eat with everyone at Hong Kong and it was pretty yummy! I was asked several times if I had made my decision yet... nope...sorry... but soon.

January 18, 2011

Catching their first fish!

Ama wanted to go fishing this morning! So Pops took her fishing! Ama caught her first fish! But... poor thing, Abi caught two fish before Ama got one, she was sure getting jealous, but was so excited to catch her first fish. They caught Bream with corn!! Who knew that you could fish with corn. The girls had a blast, although Abi trembled when she got close to the fish, and wouldn't take her picture with her second fish.

Down in the South!

Ama, Abi and myself made it to the south! First we were in Alabama, and oh how I miss Alabama, it was so great to be out in the country and see the stars so clearly, and it made me miss it there so much! Now we are in Georgia enjoying more time with more family. We have our big decision to make this week, which I'm just excited to make some sort of decision, no matter what the turn out! I did go by and look at the trailer we would be living in yesterday, and I must say... it looked awfully small : ) But we are going to look at it today, so we shall see! We are looking forward to a fun filled week with family and NO WORKING best of all! I'm going to be working with Abi this week on potty training, she is doing such a good job, and if I could just devote a few days to her she would be potty trained in no time. She is so funny, she really hit it off with family here, she followed Amber all over the house last night "helping" her, and with family she would just give big hugs, and she was being so funny and cutesy. I really wanted to let her bangs grow out, but... I think we may break down and cut them, she won't let me keep any clips in her hair. Ama is having a great time, she clings to her Pops and follows him around everywhere. I'm sure he will be wore out by the end of the week! She modeled a new outfit for everyone last night, and yes : ) she worked it! I definitely have the two most cutest girls ever and I love them so much! And as far as me, I'm enjoying the break from the kids : ) and enjoying just being away from home for a while. It feels so good to not have to worry about work or anything else! Vacations are always fun : ) Have a blessed week!

January 12, 2011

Tiny update on the Tabor's!

Up most of the night with a sick Ama : (  She had the chills all night, sweating then freezing, and complaining of her whole body hurting, but mainly of her headache. Today, she still has a fever but she says she feels good. So today is a snow day, sick day, and cleaning day! I'm taking advantage of the day off from work (because of Ama's fever) to clean and get things ready for our vacation to Georgia! Which, I may not end up getting to go as planned, still hoping things work out in my favor though! This trip to Georgia is important in making our decision if we will be moving there in the next few months or not! It's a big decision and we are praying for God's direction, so please pray with us!

As far as the Tabor's go, Ama is sick but doing good, she is starting to spell things out and actually read words, which is very exciting! Abi is a mess : ) She is so funny, she is developing quite the personality! I'm doing fine, working alot, the guy I sub for at the office is not coming back. So I will be full time for a while, which is starting to really wear me down! But I'm making it. It's getting harder not easier not having Weston home, and I miss him alot. I can not wait until April when he comes home and I don't feel so alone. As far as how Weston is doing, I would say he is doing good. When he's not working he says he lays in bed all day watching tv or playing his xbox, as long as when he comes home that doesn't continue : )  We are all wishing it was April already so we can be together again, even if it's only for 30 days. When he does come home in April it will be a full year since he left for basic training. Time does fly by!! Hopefully the rest of his time in South Korea flies by just as fast. I still think Germany would be fun for our next duty station, but we will see where God takes us... I don't care, as long as we are together!

January 6, 2011

A Blessed Day

Today was a great day... it started off rocky with me making up our new budget and panicking at the end and calling my boss and telling her I was just kidding about switching routes! We could do it, but there would be nothing going into our savings, and no extra money to pay for Weston's plane ticket home in April. And also... no extra money to spend in Orlando, FL. when we go in April!!! We are SO excited, especially Ama : )  We just came home from my mom and dad's, we went over there to book our resort we will be staying in, a 2 bdrm. condo! The condo is about a 15 minute drive from Disney World : ) I am so excited to hang out with Weston and take our girls to Disney World, what a memory we will be making! I'm extremely excited, now it's time to get serious about losing weight so I can get into a bathing suit!

Today has been a good day, I reconnected with a great friend, Abi and I had a fun day together, Ama had a lunch date with her pappaw and learned all about lower case k in school, we booked our condo for our Disney World trip (which makes the vacation that much more real!), I talked to my boss about my vacation for going to Georgia, I got a hair cut (which is always fun), got to talk to Weston for a bit, and Ama lost her tooth! Thank you God for blessing us with a good day today!

January 5, 2011


This is the silly family dog, Skeeter, we adopted him from a humane society about 4 months ago, he was MUCH smaller then, and he is only 8 months old now, so who knows how big Skeeter will be in the months to come. Abi has really started to cling to Skeeter, she is always laying on him, petting him, playing with him, or occasionally jumping on him... but he loves her too : ) they have a sweet bond. Skeeter is all puppy and can be a handful, but we love him! He sometimes gets called Skeeter bite, Skeets, Skeet, when he's in trouble, Skeeter Tabor!!! Ama found Skeeter outside the pet store, his name was buddy, a yellow lab mix waiting for a home. I had no intentions of Skeeter coming home with us, but with Weston gone and everything going on in our lives, he ended up in the van coming to our home, and we have no regrets, he helps us feel safe and adds joy to our home.

January 4, 2011

Starting a Tabor Blog!

I have recently started my own blog, for more personal reasons, and for right now it is between me, Weston and God. Blogging is freeing! To just be honest with yourself and put your thoughts and emotions out there, just like a journal, and for now, it's my safe place, where I can be real and let my feelings out without being judged or criticized. But I thought how fun to start a family blog! So here we go!

Last April Weston went away  to basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC, then headed to Ft. Lee, VA for Advanced Individual Training, when he graduated he came home for about 4 weeks and then shipped off to South Korea! Which God side swiped me with that one because when he joined I was prepared to move in October, not to say goodbye to my husband for a year. It is now January and we are planning his vacation home hopefully the end of April! Then he will return to S. Korea until hopefully this November! Where we go from there I have no clue, although right now I'm kindof set on trying for Germany! How fun would it be to experience Germany, something we would never be able to do otherwise. The only thing is Germany would be a 3 year tour. So we have decide if that's something we want.

The whole Army experience has been a roller coaster to say the least! Weston and I and our both girls have had change after change... there has been very stressful times, there has been really emotional times, but still happy times. Abi asks about daddy every day, "daddy Army?" every day, and me, "yes, daddy's in the Army but he's coming home soon!", a conversation I have every single day. Ama is older and understands more, but sometimes she brings me a picture and with tears in her eyes tells me she misses her daddy. And me : ) of course I miss their daddy too! Trying to always be the strong one is tough, and I fail a lot. I have become an even more emotional person through this process, and the girls have seen all kinds of sides of me. I have been so stressed with working full time, constantly trying to find babysitters and being a "single" mom with 2 kids and a house that unfortunately does not clean itself. I actually was seriously thinking of quitting my job and moving to Georgia... a chance to spend time with my father and a side of the family I have never gotten to really know, or spend much time with. But as praying about it and asking God what I should do, He offered me another decision, to just quit my route, so I did. I am transferring to a different route in the office, I will take a big cut in my pay, but this route I'm going to, the regular carrier gets every other monday off, instead of every saturday. I will still have to work some saturdays on different routes, or covering vacation and sick days. But this will eliminate a lot of my stress. Now I just have to learn how to stick to a budget! So hopefully some of the stress goes down in the Tabor house : ) It's hard with Weston being gone, we all miss him, but I know it's hard for him too. We had our first Christmas apart, I think that was the hardest, Christmas just didn't feel the same. But we are excited now as we plan his vacation home!! And it couldn't come soon enough! Well, bath time is over, so for now... Have a blessed night!