June 7, 2011


Everyone knows our situation with waiting from day to day to hear if we are approved or not approved to go to Korea. Well, in the meantime, we are still checking his AKO acct. to find out what his projected orders are, and this morning we got them. I will not be saying where they are too, because for one, Weston doesn't even know yet ; ) But it's not any of our choices that we had down. I just feel discouraged because this whole experience has been rough. Korea has been a nightmare at times, and I just really wanted the Army to cut us a break and give us somewhere decent. The hardest thing, is that most branch managers after having a one year hardship tour, let you pick your next base as long as there is an opening... we seem to be getting the worst of everything!  At least one good thing if we do stay in the states, we get to jump up in the housing waiting list. He will get back dated from the time he got to Korea. So we will have a good chance at getting on post housing I hope!

I don't mean to sound so negative, I'm just really disappointed. The base we are projected to go to is the one base from the beginning I said I didn't want to go to. But as long as our family is together we can make the most out of anywhere we are. So now, I just need to TRUST God! I know He is watching out for us, and I am just waiting to see where we will be going.... trying my absolute BEST to be patient.


  1. Oh no! I know that has to be so hard! Sometimes God gives us what is in His plan for our lives even though we would rather it not be :-) The good thing is that he can turn what seems like bad luck into fantastic circumstances. Have you heard the song on the radio about "what if blessing come through raindrops, what if healing comes through tears..." That's what I listen to when I feel like things are moving in a direction I'm not thrilled with.

    Hang in there!

  2. It's hard, but continue to seek God in this. The moment we look away is the moment the enemy swoops in and turns our life upside down. God has great purpose for the decision that has been made. Remember there has to be storm before we can ever get that B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L (only God made) R.A.I.N.B.O.W !! Love you lady!!