January 18, 2012

mid~week randoms

I haven't blogged in over 4 weeks!!  I honestly don't even know where to start... but here we go :)

* My family just came to visit us, it was really nice to have family here for awhile. I had a lot of fun playing disc golf, watching movies, playing laser tag, and just hanging out with everyone. I miss them already!! Ama and Abi miss them tons already.

* While my family was in they got to go to Weston's promotion ceremony! Which was a HUGE help, Weston chose me to pin on his new rank, so it was such a blessing to have my family there to help watch the girls and take pictures and video. Weston is no longer a Private, woo hoo!! He is now a Specialist :)

* Us Tabor's have been doing great, the girls are always busy playing with friends.. speaking of friends... I learned a couple of weeks ago that not only does Ama have a boyfriend, but also Abi does too. It was too cute watching Abi and the other 3 year old boy across the street walk and hold hands, they play so good together and he's so gentle with her... well, today Abi got her first kiss!!! The little boy gave her a kiss right on the lips, lol. Both of us Mom's had to have a talk with our kids!

* Ama is missing 2 teeth on top and 2 teeth on bottom, she's super cute!! She's doing really good in school, she is on the honor roll, she recently got the good citizenship award in her class. Her teacher does nothing but brag on her :)  Her 7th birthday is coming up and she is planning a Justin Bieber party! She has a play coming up on March 2nd that she is excited about... and she has a Daddy/Daughter dance coming up around Valentine's Day that she wants her Daddy to take her to!

My house is crazy right now from the girls fighting and Abi's whining and crying... Weston and I are exhausted, I'm a night owl but I can hardly keep my eyes open! So, ending this blog, and going to bed... EARLY :)  Good night!