November 26, 2011

Weekend Randoms

* A couple of weeks ago I made a pretty huge decision... to start a photography business! I was really scared to order something so expensive but I did. Weston and I talked about it and we needed me to be bringing in some extra income and I really wanted to try to make it work to work from home. I think with any business that you run there is always a risk involved... so we went out on a limb and I'm hoping I don't crash and burn! We will see. I received the camera the day before Thanksgiving and I'm in the process of learning it. I planned on taking the girls pictures in some new dresses, but the weather wasn't cooperating, so hopefully tomorrow!! Now all I need is my sewing/embroidery machine and I will be set : )

* We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we both missed family, but we were thankful to be together and we invited a couple of families over to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. Weston's fried turkey was SUPER yummy!

* All weekend the girls have been on the go, one night they spent the night with their new friends, and the next night a friend spent the night with us. They have been having a lot of fun playing with their new friends!

* Ama has lost another tooth... she is now missing her two front teeth on the top, and one side tooth on the bottom, she looks so cute ; )

* My mom sent me a gift card to Kohl's and a coupon to use on Black Friday and that's the only shopping we did, but we only went two dollars over what she sent us and we got some new curtains for the living room, a rod and two curtain hooks! We were super excited. A few people told us that we would need black out curtains for our glass sliding doors, especially how our house sits, the sun would hit it just right and our living room/dining room would be very hot. So that's what we got : )

Here's a few pictures to share!

A shelf my mom made from an old door frame, Weston put hooks in it for me and this is in our entryway!

Abi posing for me

Abi and her new friend Izzy

Ama has refused to let me take her picture...this is the only one I got, after her first bike wreck (have I mentioned that she can finally ride her bike with NO training wheels!!)

Weston putting the turkey in, it was so good!

Flowers Weston brought home for the table for our Thanksgiving dinner.

November 20, 2011

Tabor Family Update!!!

We have been SUPER busy since our household goods have arrived. The girls always want to be outside so it has been hard trying to unpack and watch them outside too, but we are getting there : ) We still have lots to do!  As far as the girls go, they love it here. We live on a cul-de-sac (had to google how to spell that), so it is perfect for them, all the kids come out and play and ride their bikes or scooters. Our house has recently became the current hotspot for the kids because of the trampoline in the backyard. And it's fun too, the adults hang out and talk while the kids play.

As far as Weston goes... so far he is liking his Unit, he's loving being home with his family, and is really liking Fort Hood.... that's all he gave me : ) 

Me... I'm fabulous : )  I love it here. I love living in base housing strictly for the fact that it is a Military community. I really like the girls that are on our street, I can see myself becoming good friends with several of them!

As far as churches go, we went to a church last weekend and we really enjoyed it. They were celebrating Veteran's Day and it was really emotional, being in a Military town and recognizing all the veterans brought tears to mine and Weston's eyes. The kids came in with American flags and a thank you banner and all the veterans received a flag from a child. The whole service was really touching. The church we attended this morning I found by accident when we first got here. The lady at Ama's school sent me on a wild goose chase to have a paper filled out and I was sent to an office that I really was not supposed to go to, but maybe I was sent there just for the reason I would see this big church across the street from the office... I remember telling Weston that day about the big church and telling him at some point I wanted us to try it out. We went this morning and at first when we walked in I wasn't so sure. It was packed. We had to wait in a line just to drop our kids off and when we did see where our girls would be I was blown away... After getting the girls arm bands and we taking their numbers we made our way to the sanctuary... I can't even describe how I felt... no doubt at all I felt God strongly in there, and the last time I experienced worship like that was at youth convention when I was a teenager, it was amazing. I'm pretty sure I cried through most of praise and worship. The lights were off, the praise team was amazing and everyone in frost of us was entering into worship. It was so refreshing. The pastor was awesome... Weston and I both loved him, and his wife is the worship leader... Weston and I both left there not saying we liked it, we LOVED it. Neither of us have no desire to try a different church right now, we can't wait to go back and get involved. In case you want to peek, here's their website

November 14, 2011

Family Turkey Project

Just wanted to share a project Ama brought home from school for homework... it was a family project, which I loved! It was a turkey on a big piece of cardboard and everyone in the family had to color the turkey together.

November 10, 2011

mid~week randoms

* Feels so good to be out of the hotel and in our house!! On the other hand we are sleeping on air mattresses and have nothing but clothes and microwaveable food : )  Our neighbors let us borrow an air mattress and sheets, and sometime today she is digging through storage and letting us borrow an extra set of pots and pans! I met several of our neighbors yesterday and they seem like an awesome bunch of ladies. The girls played with their kids for a few hours and they had so much fun!

* We are not scheduled to receive our household goods until next Wednesday...

* Thursdays are family days here, so the soldiers always get off early, and tomorrow is Veteran's Day which means Weston gets a 4 day weekend! Yay! So he will go back to work next Tuesday and "supposedly" he will start his 10 day TDY. Their company prefers to not do the paperwork so Weston will report in the morning and then just come home. I'm looking forward to having help unpacking and hanging pictures (I know he loves hanging things for me ; ) )

* Skeeter loves it here, there are dogs everywhere, he met the dog next door and we put Skeeter in her fence and let them play for a while. The cats on the other hand... I think Lou is fine, he acts the same, but Oz is having a tough time. He hates change and this constant moving has taken a toll on him. Even if I go on vacation for a few days I come home to throw up everywhere. Oz started throwing up alot a couple of days ago, and then we moved again yesterday and we woke up to lots of throw up today. Not really sure if there's much I can do for him?? I'm hoping once our household goods arrive and he is around familiar surroundings he will calm down a little and stop being so stressed. I feel bad for him... I woke up to Lou this morning sleeping in Weston's toiletry bag : )

* I debated on taking pictures of the house and posting them... what do you think??

* I took a picture of the girls in their room sleeping in their house for the first time : ) 

* In case you missed a picture of Ama loosing her tooth, here is another one!! She is so proud of that lost tooth, she tells EVERYBODY about it. This picture was the first picture that I took after Weston pulled it out. Ama had been working on it and it was bedtime but her tooth was totally sideways in her mouth and I was scared if she went to bed it would fall out and she would choke on it, haha, so Weston pulled it out... She was scared for him to do that which is why it looks like she was crying in the picture, she cried before he pulled it, and laughed afterwards!

* I'm hoping to travel to Waco this weekend and check out the big disc golf course there...

* Being in all the stores over the past week and seeing all of the Christmas decorations out I'm getting anxious to start decorating! Normally we always wait until after Thanksgiving and we probably will this time too, only because we don't have a tree yet!

* I'm excited about this weekend because it's our Village Wide Yard Sale : ) Yay!! Army yard sales can sometime be the best when it's close to someone getting ready to move. We are hoping to find some really cheap things this weekend, like a bed and bed frame for the guest bedroom... we have an extra bathroom so we need some things for that. Plus yard sales are fun! And it will be a chance to meet some more people in our neighborhood!


November 7, 2011

Family Fun!!

We had a lot of fun this weekend! Friday night we just chilled at the hotel, watched movies on the t.v. Saturday we woke up and went in search for the local disc golf course! We found one at Conder Park here in Killeen, it's a 9 hole course, 2 of the holes were "interesting", but the whole course was pretty rough for the fact that we played in 20 mph winds! Two times I almost lost my favorite disc in the pond, because the wind carried it way off course! But it was a blast to just get to play. After we played the girls played on the playground there and then we headed back on post to let them play at Bronco Park (the big play ground). I took a few pictures but I don't think they do it justice, I couldn't get the whole playground in the picture! Also on Saturday we went to the roller skating rink on post! We skated for a couple of hours and the girls loved it!  We played all day Saturday and had a really fun time as a family. Sunday we went to Wal-Mart for a few things and got a few outdoor games for us to play behind the hotel, we played games and played on the playground. We were trying to make it fun for the girls because it is no fun to be stuck in a hotel room all the time with very little things to play with! Here's a few pictures from the weekend...

Playing Disc Golf!!!

Bronco Park

Another view of Bronco Park

We were a little shaky at first!!

Watching Ama play Limbo

Ama LOVED playing Limbo in roller skates, she would fall on the floor when it got low and slide under : )

November 4, 2011

Friday Randoms :)

Good Beautiful Friday Morning!!!! I didn't do a mid-week randoms post... and I have so many random things I want to share, so I thought I would do a randoms thought post today : )  Beware...

* Before we left Georgia we celebrated Christmas with our Georgia family, it was alot of fun and definitely got the girls excited about Christmas!! Here's a picture of the girls posing in front of the Christmas tree (Ama could not wait to wear this dress to show it off for her Daddy).

* Our last day in Georgia we went to Chehaw Park for a Halloween event and here's the girls posing in their costumes (we didn't go all out... for the fact of we had so much going on, and some things accidentally got packed with the movers).

* We have Texas plates on our car...front and back... and now we have 4 stickers on our car's windshield, in different places... 2 of them from the state of Texas, and 2 of them are for going through the gates to get on post (one of them being Weston's express pass to get on post). I'm getting used to them though. Speaking of going on post it's no big deal now... at first I'm not gonna lie, it made me a little nervous. I'm so used to answering my phone while driving and while on post you can't be on the phone, unless it's hands free (which mine is packed). I was nervous about my speed... and Weston drilled into my head if I get pulled over he's the one that gets in trouble for it. I think he made me nervous. And Weston and I saw this crazy girl on post yesterday trying to run her boyfriend or someone over, she had so major road rage! They were screaming at each other and everything. CrAzY...

* We took the girls to Bronco Park last night to play and the girls both met a friend that was their age. One of the girls Ama was playing with was the daughter of a Colonel, him and his wife were running all over the playground playing tag with Ama and their own daughter, I thought that was pretty neat. Then I talked to the Colonels wife for a while about the area  and some of their experiences with their Army. I will have to take some pictures of Bronco Park and show them to y'all, the girls had so much fun!

* Last night we went to get all of Ama's school supplies, and she has Justin Bieber everything. She picked out her outfit that she wanted to wear to school today (I'm kind of sad they don't have a school uniform here, we are going to go back to fighting over outfits). And here is the outfit she picked out (you can tell she is nervous in this picture, because her smile is forced, and where's the famous Ama pose??).

* We took a tour of the neighborhood we will be living in yesterday, the house we got to go in was not the one we will be in, but it's very similar and we loved it! It's all tile floors which is great for us, we won't have to worry about the kids or animals staining the carpet, or Abi's allergies with the carpet. We loved how spacious everything is, and it's a 4 bdrm. that we will be moving into. The community center is having a Thanksgiving dinner for the neighborhood one week before Thanksgiving, so that will be a chance for us to get to meet some other couples around us, we are excited!

* The Colonel's daughter we met last night starts gymnastics next week, and Ama got excited she wants to join too, so we have to find where to go on post to sign Ama up for that. and maybe we can find something for Abi too??

* Abi almost got hit by a car yesterday... it was pretty scary... She normally sits behind the driver's seat but we moved her to the other side so Ama would have more leg room since I had the passenger seat all the way back with Skeeter on the floor board. We went to go eat lunch yesterday and the parking lot was super busy, I got Ama out and we started across the parking lot and Weston was getting Abi out of the car and bringing her, when all of a sudden I heard Weston scream at the top of his lungs at Abi. When I turned around the SUV had slammed on it's breaks and all I heard was Abi crying (because Weston screamed at her...understandably), thank goodness Abi did stop when he yelled at her because had she not she would have gotten ran over by the SUV's tire, she was right by the tire when she stopped. Abi cried for a while, but better to scare her then her be a pancake in the parking lot! So for the rest of the day as soon as she got out of the seat she had to hold a hand, another time later that day she jumped out of the car and just left us heading for the store. So we have to stop her doing that! And I'm moving her seat back behind the driver's side now that we aren't taking Skeeter with us.

* On a brighter note : ) the girls are adjusting really well here. They have been talking about their new friends, they love all the different playgrounds they have around here, and Ama was even teaching one little girl how to play disc golf the other day! We had one disc and Ama and the girl were pretending a little tree was the basket, it was pretty cute. We have yet to go in search for a course, but this weekend we will!!


November 2, 2011

Fort Hood Texas!!

We started the drive to Fort Hood this past Sunday, it actually went a whole lot smoother than I thought. The cats were great, and Skeeter curled up on the floor board under my legs the whole time. Skeeter slept the whole time, he occasionally would pop his head up to look out the window. Monday we crossed into Texas, and we got a little scared of the mosquitoes.... these things were HUGE and they HURT!!! They attacked you, not even kidding. When we got further into Texas and stopped for lunch we were actually scared to get out of the car. But I think we figured it out, I think the killer mosquitoes came from Louisiana and all the swampy areas... thankfully they are not here in the Hood : )

We got here to Ft. Hood about 6:00pm Monday night, we went to get our gate pass to go to the hotel and.... I had the expired insurance card in the car, instead of our current one... so we were denied and had to go look for a hotel that accepted pets off post. So first thing Tuesday morning I called our insurance and got them to email me our current insurance so we could print it off and get on post. After checking into the on post hotel we decided to go ahead and switch our license plates to Texas (it was cheaper to do that than to renew our plates with Indiana). But it was a hassle! We had to have our car inspected (which comes with a sticker on your windshield), and then when we got out Texas plates it also comes with another sticker on the windshield, and then : )  when we registered our car on the base we got yet another sticker for our windshield. 3 stickers on my windshield is driving me crazy, but we will get used to it! So that was all of our Tuesday...

Now today... I just have to brag about how awesome my God is! Our housing agent told us a few days ago that there were no houses available and that no one had even put in a notice to leave, which they are supposed to give a 30 day notice of moving. She said the odds of us getting a house anytime soon was very slim and she advised us to look off post to rent. I was very discouraged, but quickly reminded that I serve a mighty God. I constantly had to remind myself of everything I had learned from a recent Bible study I went through. Constantly telling myself to trust God, He is my provider, He will make a way... Everything off post that we could afford was not ideal for us... at all... So this morning after Weston went to start his in processing I got to work trying to figure out what we were going to do. But first I emailed our housing agent, letting her know we were here, we desperately wanted on post housing, asked her questions about schools for Ama and so on. About 30 minutes later she called me telling me that this is not normal, and miraculously a family moved out of a 3 bdrm. house yesterday and since we are next in line for a 3 bedroom it is ours!! I started crying on the phone with her as she told me about the house... I know, I felt silly, but I couldn't hold it back... If you knew the stress I was under and how I was constantly telling God I trust Him, that He will provide for us, and if you only knew the amount of love I felt from God in that moment talking with the housing agent maybe you could understand why I was crying on the phone.  So I just wanted to give God all the praise, He is so faithful!

Thank you to everyone praying with us and for us! We are doing good : )  Can't wait to get moved in to our house and things settle down a bit and we get back into our schedule! Be praying for Ama as we go today to enroll her in her new school, she is excited but she's also a bit nervous! Since Weston has been home I haven't blogged! I have so much to blog about, but it will have to wait... understandably things are just a little chaotic : ) have a blessed week!!