April 18, 2011

This past weekend we got to go to Panama City Beach!! It felt so good to be at the beach... I LOVE the ocean, and the sand! We got down there Friday night and because it was dark the girls were too scared to go near the water, but Ama had fun dancing and squealing in the sand. She let everyone know she was excited. Saturday morning we planned for a full day at the beach, but only made it a few hours. The wind was blowing at about 30 mph and it was a cold wind. We still had fun, but we were kind of bummed because we couldn't stay out as long as we wanted. Both red flags were out, and the waves were bad. So we left the beach early and found other things to do. We played putt putt, and walked out by the pier and some outlet malls (where the girls got the cutest pair of Crocs). And we ate at Captain Anderson's, where I ordered shrimp and they still had the shell on with the little legs hanging off : / YUCK!  The waitress tried getting me to suck on the shell and get the juice out, and then pull the shrimp out and eat it, but as soon as the little legs touched my lips I couldn't do it... But the shrimp was really good : ) Sunday at the beach was the perfect weather! From the waves there were so many shells that were on the beach. We found some of the most perfect shells, the curled ones that are so smooth and not a chip on them. They looked like we bought them from a store. I found a crab's claw that had washed up on shore, I thought it was neat anyways! Ama and Abi had so much fun, Abi wouldn't get in the water unless I held her, but Ama had so much fun splashing in those waves. We will definitely be going back soon... very soon ; )

Today the girls and I went and did some shopping preparing for Weston coming home, and getting ready for our upcoming trips. And before we went home we went to the YMCA and signed Ama up for T-Ball! It's a coed team and I'm pretty sure Ama will be awesome! We have been playing baseball in the yard, and the girl can hit! Not to mention how good of a throwing arm she has! I told her hopefully I don't embarrass her too much because I'll be making a t-shirt with her name and number, and jumping in the stands yelling her name ; )  She likes it!

In less than 48 hours we will be picking Weston up from the airport. These 6 months have flown by! We are so ready for him to come home, even if it will be for a short time. This Wednesday will be a year since he left for Basic Training... A WHOLE YEAR! It's been a roller coaster of emotions.  We will be SO happy to have him home for the next few weeks, and we have so much to jam into those few weeks, but we will have fun! While he is home we are hoping to find out where he will be stationed next. Since he had a hardship tour, which is an overseas tour without your family, he gets to pick his next duty station, as long as there is an opening with his rank and MOS (his job). So we are really just trusting God that He will open the right doors for us. And that we will have wisdom. (God, Hawaii would be great!) Seriously, I'm not really picky, just as long as we are together (for longer than a few weeks).

This coming weekend we will be heading back to Indiana!! We miss everyone. We have been having a blast here in Georgia, it has been amazing for me, to not work and stay home, and me and the girls have been having a lot of fun. A lot less stress, which has been great! BUT : ) we do miss everyone. We miss our family, and friends, and church. Can't wait to see all of you again!!!  SEE YOU SOON : )

April 11, 2011

Trusting Him

The Tabor family had a great weekend! Saturday us girls went yard saling, only found one good one, Ama found some cute sandals, and 2 Sunday dresses, that are really cute! Then we met up with family at Chehaw park and had a picnic, and I learned how to play Disc Golf. It was actually harder than I thought it would be. There's alot of coordination involved, and footwork. But it could be really fun, and is great exercise, I didn't throw that much and woke up the next morning REALLY sore! Sunday was church and just relaxing, but I did finally detail my car. It was so dirty, I hadn't cleaned it since our road trip down here, and road trips with kids tend to be messy!

Sunday at church was really neat for me, our Sunday school lesson was on trusting God. And for the past year God has really been working on my control issues and teaching me to just let go and trust Him. It can be really hard. We tend to want things now and get very impatient if we have to wait. I tend to want things in my timing and not God's, and like to have control of things. My past year I have had control over nothing : )  I have developed a trust in God that I hadn't had before.  We started planning Weston's trip home, it seems like forever ago, but we made all these plans, and we would talk about everything we wanted to do, and we got excited. So when he called about being deployed to Japan, it was so hard to not be selfish. Even though I knew Japan was going through so much, I still wanted him home for myself, for my kids. I did NOT want him to miss Disney World with the girls! But then their mission to Japan was cancelled... so once again we were SO excited, our vacation was back on! Some financial things for us didn't go through as planned, which stressed Weston and I out. He still would have came home on the Patriot Express, but we wouldn't have known when he would have made it here, and he would have had to leave us much earlier to insure he got a plane flight back to Korea in time. And just all the unknowns of if he was going to make it home in time for plans, and all the uncertainty of things were stressful! But yesterday at church through our lesson I knew God was speaking to me, to trust HIM. She gave the example that we all know about. To fall back and your trusting the person behind you to catch you. And God is that person behind me, and even though I can't see Him, He will never leave or forsake me. He will always be there right behind me to catch me, and to just TRUST Him. Well as of this morning a flight was booked for Weston to come home and to return to Korea. We will be picking him up from the airport on April 20th at 3:50pm!!! I was so overwhelmed with God's love this morning. He always makes a way, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!! How a huge weight was lifted because I know he's coming home and the girls are so excited. Weston doesn't know yet, because he's sleeping (it's night time there). But he will be ecstatic! Thank you for your prayers!! God is AMAZING!!

April 8, 2011

Goooood Beautiful Friday Morning!!!!

It's a cloudy, but warm, friday this morning. The girls are playing in the water hose, I have been cleaning and have fresh, sweet bread baking. I have lots coming up in my schedule... alot of exciting things!! We have really been enjoying Georgia. I love the space outside, the girls have so much fun running around out here, and they practically live on our trampoline. We have started bike riding on a daily basis, Ama decided to ride her bike on our long bike ride yesterday and we met a little girl who was playing outside. Her mom happened to be the 1st grade teacher at the local Charter school for this area, and she told me alot about the school. We drove by it a couple days ago and Ama got really excited about it and said she didn't want to be homeschooled, she wanted to go to school. So we will see... I told her me and her would pray about it together and we will see what God says.

Tonight we are going to a Mexican restaraunt with all the family! Yummy : ) although it has nothing on Tequila's, I'm still excited to have some chips and dip! There are a few mexican restaruants in Albany we still have to try, but it will be a while before we get to try them!

Next weekend we are going to PANAMA CITY!!!! We are SO excited : ) the beach sounds amazing right now. It feels like forever since we have been, and I love the beach! It will be spring break time so I'm sure it will be crazy, but I'm so excited, and so are the girls!

The week after Panama City... Weston is hopefully coming home! A commercial plane ticket is out of the question, so we are planning on trying the Patriot Express. It's a military flight that will run from South Korea to Seattle, Washington. Only problem is there's no guarentee he can make the flight. If someone more senior to him shows up and the flights already full, he gets bumped off the flight. but if there's one thing God has taught me in past year, it's trust. I am trusting God. He continues to make a way for our family, and I know that He will make a way for us this time too. If Weston does miss the flight on the 21st, then he can try for 2 more flights the following week. But if all goes as planned and he makes the flight, we will buy a ticket from Seattle to Atlanta and he will be home on the 21st of April!! I can't even describe how excited Ama and Abi are about seeing their daddy. Abi watched daddy fly away on an airplane, and now everytime she sees a plane she gets excited and says, "Daddy's coming home!!!" And she squeals with excitement! I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they see their daddy running into their arms!  We all miss him. So if you think of Weston, say a prayer that everything works out for him to get home on the Patriot Express. Prayer is such a powerful thing, and I know so many of you pray for him and our family, and words cannot express how thankful we are for those prayers!

When we pick up Weston on the 21st from the airport, we are planning on driving straight to Indiana to Mark and Tonya's house, where we will stay for the weekend. I miss Harvestime... I miss the worship, I miss the people, the services... I can't wait to be there on Easter Sunday! It will be a fun weekend, and then heading back to Georgia, where we will pack and prepare for...

Disney World! We are SO excited about Disney World....especially Abi. She tells everyone down here about Mickey Mouse and how she can't wait to hug Mickey : )  Weston and I are really excited about Disney World, and I'm so excited that he gets to go with us.

After Disney we will have about a week together before he has to go back to South Korea. I'm not excited about him going back, but I am excited about us planning where we are going next. I am eager to find out what bases are open and what our options are. I have to be honest, I am LOVING the south. I am leaning on a base in the south, which I know Weston wants to be in the South. But living down here... I have missed it. Where we are, there are several small towns, and everyone is so nice, and driving... I love the scenery. I don't really know how to describe it, I just feel so comfortable here. It just feels good : ) I love hearing the accent : ) I have caught myself picking the southern twang back up on a few words.  Simply put, I just love it here.

But I do miss back home, I miss my family and friends. Can't wait to see everyone! Abi talks about Judah Yazvac on a daily basis. She cooks on her stove and I hear her talking about Judah and Frank : )  When we went to church she asked if Judah was going to be there, when we go to the park and play, she asks if Judah will be there. So Amber, if you read this, Abi can't wait to see Judah! Both the girls can't wait to see family up in Indiana. Very soon!!!! It will before here before we know it!

I hope all of you have a blessed weekend!!

April 5, 2011

As of right now...

Weston is coming home on vacation again! It was very frustrating one day he was leaving at this time for Japan, and then he would call and say it had been delayed, that they were leaving on this day. And finally now it looks like he will not be going over there. So I'm very happy because this means he gets to come to Disney World with us! Yay!! And I get my back massage : ) The girls miss their daddy something awful. Abi has been asking about her daddy alot here lately, and I know they will both be SO excited to see him! Of course I will be too!

April 4, 2011

Some Fun In The Sun

Thought I would share a video of us playing outside today... and a little part of it shows a little of where we live : )

And by the way : ) Try not to laugh too much at my girly running!

April 3, 2011

A Blessed Sunday

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! The weather was beautiful, lower 80s with a nice breeze, the sunshine felt amazing! We started this Sunday out by trying the local Baptist church... being used to Assemblies of God it was.... different. I counted 37 adults this morning at church, but they are on spring break so a lot were gone. Sunday school starts at 10:00 here! And church starts at 11:00!! I was shocked... that's plenty of time to get ready for church! Ama was not shy whatsoever when we got there, she met a couple girls her age on their way to class and she just followed them straight to class. Abi however was not leaving my side, so she went to Sunday school with me, but half way through the class she changed her mind and went to Sunday School. Ama loved her Sunday school teacher so much that she sat with her most of the church service! Abi stayed in the nursery and really liked it. Even though church was different than what I was used to, the people were so kind and I really enjoyed it. Ama learned the songs they are singing for Easter sunday and she will be a part of that, which she is excited about. Abi learned about praying today in her class : )  And when church was over Ama couldn't leave without going and giving her Sunday school teacher a big hug. Seeing Ama not be shy and just really be comfortable like she was made my heart smile.

We have had a fun and busy day, after church we hung out at Pop's and Nana's and the whole gang came over today. We ended up going to Ritchie's house after lunch and riding the razor all around the lake, Ama LOVED it. We even saw a snake and a gator, Yikes! We also went bike riding and to the park. I have a bike with a bike trailer on the back and we ride all over, Ama loves to ride her bike all over town, and Abi sits in the back of the bike trailer. Bike riding is great excercise!!! Now if only I can keep it up!!!

Hope you had a blessed Sunday as well ; )

April 1, 2011


Exactly a week ago we left Indiana and started our journey here to a small town in Georgia. It rained most of the time we traveled, but for the most part the trip went really well. The girls did great and Ama helped me out a lot! When we arrived at our new home we had a crew to help us. Granny and Papa were here, Amber's parents were here, the Alexander's were here, Granny Lillian and Brian and Tanya were here. Unloading went really quick, and everyone pitched in and helped me unpack. Probably the easiest experience I've ever had moving. The only thing I had to do by myself was hang up my own clothes!

Since being here, tonight is our first night to stay home and just have supper just the three of us! Over the past week we have spent lots of time outside (when it wasn't raining) and the girls love to play down by the pond. Skeeter absolutely LOVES the pond, he's a little fish. Probably the girl's favorite thing is the trampoline. Of course they both have to fight constantly over who gets to jump, but they are getting better. I still haven't gotten us in a routine, but we are getting there! It feels amazing to not work and stay home with the girls. We have lots of projects that we are wanting to start doing, and the first we are going to start working on this coming week, a garden! I have never attempted one, but Ama wants to do one very badly!

I love the south. People are so nice here, and I love the country feel. I don't know how to describe it, it just feels good to be back in the south. The only thing I could do without are these fire ants... they are bad here. And poor Abi she watches the ground as she walks saying "No fire ants!" Her little feetsies have several bites on them. The three of us are doing really good though. Tomorrow Ama is having a birthday party, since family down here couldn't celebrate Ama's 6th b'day. She is having a bonfire with hotdogs and hamburgers, and of course cake, and we are making Smores!!! I can't wait for the Smores : ) yummy! Ama is very excited about tomorrow. Her and Abi made a new friend, her name is Riley. Her parents helped us move in when we got here. We are planning on attending a local Baptist church just down the road this Sunday, so I'm hoping to meet more kids in the area here. But in a small town with a population of 200... everyone tends to drive to the nearest big city for everything. So we will see how this church is!

As far as anything else new in our lives... We were SO excited about Weston coming home on vacation on April 20th. We were planning on being home and coming to Harvestime on Easter Sunday, and we had a big Disney trip planned, and many more things. But with the Army you never know what could happen. Weston is being deployed to Japan to do humanitarian work. We have no idea how long he could be there, it could be for weeks, or it could be for months.  But he will be close to the nuclear plant, so prayers are much appreciated! That is about all the details on that subject that I can give. I have struggled with this a little bit because I have battled being selfish! April 20th will mark an entire year since Weston left for Basic for the Army. I was excited about having him home and the girls and I talked almost daily about when Daddy comes home we are going to Disney (which we are still going with my parents).  I feel selfish being upset about him not making our Disney trip, when Japan has suffered from so much devastation. I know that God has purpose in him going to Japan and if there's one thing that God has been working on me since Weston has been gone it's my trust in Him. I'm so used to being in control of everything that I can and God has just TOTALLY taken that away from me. I have seen SUCH an improvement in myself in the past year. Months ago if this would have happened to me I would be a total disaster. I like to plan things out and when things don't go as planned I am not happy. Well the past year has been anything but planned and smooth rolling. And I have developed a trust in God that I have never had before, and it feels amazing. Even though I'm really bummed that Weston doesn't get to come to Disney World with us, I know God is in control. And the girls will have a blast there, and thank goodness for amazing family that we will get to spend time with! I am proud of Weston going to Japan and helping a country that so badly needs help. I pray that God watches over his every move and protects him... and I pray that he is a light over there in the darkness.