June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I love the weekends and getting to spend so much time with family! Okay okay... I'm excited because Ama is spending the night at her Nana and Pop's house : ) one less child to deal with for one night. I haven't been sleeping too well the past few nights because Abi has been sick, and she is one clingy child, so when she's sick it's 10 times worse! I need a break... although Ama is my big helper. I got everything ready for Abi's party next weekend, and her present arrived today via FedEx! I can't wait!

I found a shirt online (while looking for something else) that I really want!! Maybe sometime in the near future I will have the money to get it! http://www.cafepress.com/+red_shirt_womens_dark_tshirt,451446963?utm_content=women%27s+dark+t-shirt&cmp=dac--ta--us--000--00000&utm_source=Tellapart&utm_campaign=retargeting&pid=6673149&utm_medium=display?aid=41135299    Ever since joining the Military I have always had a passion for them, and I am a huge supporter for all they do!

So this Sunday is Father's Day... I hope all you Daddy's out there have a wonderful Father's Day!!! I have several great Daddy's in my life to celebrate... and since my weekends are normally pretty busy, I thought I would take some time to celebrate them!

First, my husband. He has been a Daddy for 6 years now, and he's great. I actually feel sorry for him in the near future, because he will have his hands full and stressing about boys! Grey hair will be coming soon : )  I have two beautiful little girls, one of them already being boy crazy, so I can only imagine what Weston will be going through here in a few years! I'm very lucky to be married to someone who loves his family. He is very family oriented and would do anything for us. He loves his baby girls, and they think the world of him. Even though he's half way across the world, he's still the best Daddy and we love him so much! Happy Father's Day Weston!!!

I am very blessed to have such a great Father In Law! I have so much respect for him and I admire him so much. My husband posted this picture of his Dad and Grandfather today and said this..."‎Two of the greatest men in my life, who have influenced, helped and guided me into the man I am today and I thank them so much. I love you both very much and wish you a very very Happy Fathers Day." I am so blessed that my husband has Godly men in his life!

And my Daddy's... yes, I have two! God blessed me with two great men, they both put into my life different things, different lessons, different ways of love, they both helped shape me into who I am today. I love them both so much. Divorce is always a sticky situation, but, my mom married the perfect person for her and our family. He has loved us since he walked into our lives and I am SO thankful that God sent him to our family. No one else could love my mom more and show us what a marriage is supposed to be. He has lived a Godly life and has lead his family down the right path. And my other Dad... I feel so blessed to have been able to move down here and spend time with him, it has been life changing for me. He will probably never understand how much  this time together with him means to me. I am so much like him, sometimes it's scary! I love the fact that I can just be me around him and I feel so comfortable. There's nothing like a Daddy's love... I have the best of two, and I love them so much... Happy Father's Day!!

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