May 31, 2011

Tabor Family Update!

We had a fun but busy Memorial Weekend! Sunday we were in the pool for 3 hours! Monday I was in the pool for about 3 hours, but Ama and Abi stayed in the pool for 6 hours!! I tried to get them to get out but they were having so much fun. I finally taught Ama how to swim on Sunday! Well... do the doggy paddle at least : ) so she is so proud of herself and swims all over the pool! Abi, just puts her swimming ring on and she's good, she's all over the pool too! And she loves jumping in, going under, and popping back up! Monday night the girls got in the tub to take a bath and Ama was SO dark. She seriously looked like an Indian girl! Here's a few pictures of them in the pool:

I mentioned some stress that I have been going through, and I haven't said anything to anyone but family because I just needed to process everything. When Weston went back to Korea from being home on vacation he found out that one of his friends that got there the same time he did just got approved for Command Sponsorship. Which is where the Army will pay to send your family to Korea. Well one of the girls thought that they had seen Weston's name on the list as being approved too, but when checked he wasn't. He needed to turn in a couple things to finish his packet. So he did... Apparently Weston's MOS (job) went from being Priority 3, to Priority 2, which gives him a greater chance at getting Command Sponsorship.  A couple of guys were approved but apparently one of them turned it down. So Weston's NCO's are trying to push for Weston to get it, they turned his application in and are trying to replace the other guy with Weston. So basically we are waiting to hear if we are approved or not. Which we are thinking we may hear something this week. Several people that have Weston's same MOS are being approved all of a sudden. When I first heard this, I was so stressed out... When Weston went to Korea we were told that we would be able to join him soon after he got there, only to find out we would probably not be going at all. We went back and forth and made the decision to stop trying to go over and me and the girls would just stay here and wait for him to get back. That may not sound stressful, but it was a huge decision, we were going to sell everything and just move over there to keep our family together. It was hard. So I put Korea behind us and started looking forward to where we would go next. Then I made the huge decision to move here to Georgia. Which, any one that I talked to about it knows that I stressed over that and it was not a decsion that I lightly made. So I get here and I'm loving it, and excited about which base we may end up at, Weston and I would talk about which ones we hope to get, and then Wham... here's this moving to Korea thing again that pops up. I was so upset about it, because I knew Weston wanted us with him so badly, and he's homesick, but me, I'm thinking we are more than half way done with Korea and you can come back here and we will still be close to family, at least travel there to see them and be with family during holidays. We were both arguing about it because we were both on two total separate pages.

I started really stressing about this because I was split down the middle, there were pros and cons to both sides. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to to experience a foreign country, and have our family together. We wouldn't have to worry about a deployment, unless there was a huge natural disaster, like what happened to Japan. Weston would be able to do some schooling over there, and he could advance in rank faster over there. But I was struggling with it, because we wouldn't be able to come home on holidays, we couldn't just hop in a car and take a roadtrip to see family. And we would be on the other side of the world! I tried my hardest to give it to God, and was just honest with Him, I told Him that if it's His will for us to go to Korea then to open the doors for us, and if it's not, then to SLAM them shut, because I couldn't make the decision. I have been praying for peace, because I have been making myself sick over it. I wish I was one of those people that could just let things be and what happens is what happens. But I'm not, I over think everything, and I stress about the tiniest things. But now, I'm ready... I actually have done a total turn around and I want Command Sponsorship. But I will also be perfectly fine if we stay here...

I have no idea what is going to happen. But I'm trusting God. I don't like not being able to control our next move in life... But I'm getting better : ) Just when things seem to be going good, I get thrown a curveball... I feel like I am just on this crazy rollercoaster, and before sharing with everyone what was going on with the Tabor's, I needed to pray about it and reach the place that I am at right now. I am no longer stressing about what to do, I'm just waiting to see where God leads us, and we will go wherever that is! I'm excited for this week to hopefully find something out, and I will keep everyone updated!!

Have a great week!!

May 28, 2011

Happy 26th Birthday Weston!

Today is my husband's birthday! For about a month we are the same age : ) This is his second birthday in a row that we have missed spending together. Last year at this time Weston was in Basic Training, and this year, he is in South Korea. The girls and I love him so much, and miss him incredibly! We are extremely proud of him and can't wait for our family to be back together! While Weston was on leave just a few weeks ago, we celebrated his birthday! I thought it would be fun to include a few pictures from his party!

 Weston wearing his "Birthday Party" Hat  : )
Playing Corn hole, which Weston is SUPER good at!

Love you babe. Hope you have a great weekend, we miss you so much, and can't wait until we are together again!

May 26, 2011

Randomness : )

Technically I should be sleeping, but I just had a lot of coke, and ate some coffee beans... so I thought I would share some randomness!

* I had my first play date with a new friend since moving to Georgia. I can be shy and to be honest I was pretty nervous, she has a strong personality, but I had a lot of fun. Turned out we had quite a bit in common and conversation was easy with her. Her kids are great and my girls loved them. It was just what we needed, me the conversation and company of a friend, and for my girls, they have been itching to play with kids. I hope to have many more play dates with her and her kids!

* God is constantly challenging me. Since our family started our journey with the Army it has seriously been one thing after another. My emotions are up and down constantly. Months ago we had such a huge decision to make, we were constantly back and forth and finally we made a decision and moved on. And just making that decision brought so much peace. And now that same thing has creeped back up and I'm stressing myself out all over again about something we decided on a long time ago. When it's such a life changing decision it is just SO hard. I've prayed about it, and I am trying my absolute best to just give it to God, and once again TRUST that he opens the doors that need to be opened and SLAMS SHUT the ones that need to be closed.

* T-Ball... Today we didn't get to have practice because of a storm rolling in, but we did have a small meeting. I organized some dates on people bringing snacks/drinks. And I think I'm going to like doing this Team Mom thing! One thing I found out... During the games I will be in the field between 1st and 2nd helping the kids when the ball comes their way! I'm kind of nervous about that, but excited at the same time. It's such a fun opportunity to be so involved with Ama as she plays her first year of T-Ball.

* I can't believe I haven't really blogged about this before now, but I just have to do some bragging on my Abi-boo. She has been potty trained for a while now, really all it took was me quitting my job and being with her all day to take her potty, she was a quick learner. But I am so impressed with her because for the past month now she wears big girl panties to bed too! Such a different experience from my oldest. I thought for sure she would be in diapers or a pull up for a while at night time, I am so proud of her!

* My parents and brother and sister are coming to visit us next weekend, and we can't wait! Especially Ama and Abi. Abi keeps asking me when they are coming... And then asks when we are going back to Disney World : ) Speaking of Disney World, we have to watch videos that we took while at Disney several times EVERY day. Abi practically has them memorized. And it's starting to get frustrating for me. But I love to watch her facial expressions while she's watching them.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend, I know we have lots of plans, several family get togethers!!  Be safe and have a blessed weekend!!

May 25, 2011

Ama's First T-Ball Practice!!!

Yesterday was Ama's first day at T-Ball! She had a blast! She was pretty nervous before we got there, and I started to get nervous she was going to want to back out, but she did great! She is the only girl on the team, and at first she was the tallest! Half way into practice another little boy showed up that is her same age and they are the same height. The league is for 4-6 year olds, and I'm pretty sure Ama and the boy that is as tall as her are the only two 6 year olds on the team.  Ama picked out her outfit to practice, so of course she was decked out in all pink! Her cleats have pink in them, her glove and bat have pink in them, her batting helmet is hot pink, and her bat bag is pink... I'm thinking none of her stuff is going to get mistaken with the boy's stuff : )  I was so proud of Ama and how well she did, she is naturally athletic, and the coach said she's the best on the team.

When the coach asked for volunteers to be the Team Mom, no one volunteered, and finally about the 3rd time he asked, I volunteered! I'm excited about it, and I've been doing research this morning to get some ideas for different things, so we will see how it goes! If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know!

Of course I took some video for Weston so he could watch Ama's first practice, I'm sure he will be just as proud as I am!! Here are some little clips that I took!

May 17, 2011

Weston being home...

I haven't blogged in forever! Weston came home a month ago and all the excitement began! We traveled back home to Indiana for Easter weekend to spend time with the Tabor family, and we were all excited to see everyone, I was super excited to get to go to church. I missed the services and praise and worship, and of course the PEOPLE! But... Ama and Abi both came down with strep throat and fevers the day before church. So no church for us... and yes I cried... But all in all we had a really good visit and a good time with everyone! After the trip to Indiana we headed back south to Georgia, where we had a couple days to get ready for our big trip to Disney World. We had a blast at Disney World! At the end of the month we all agreed it was our favorite thing we did while Weston was home. We felt SO blessed that we had the opportunity to go there (thanks Mom and Dad for taking us!!!).  We had a full week there and at the end of the week we were exhausted!!! But we managed to go to Sea World and spend a few hours there before making the drive home that evening. A perk of being in the military, Sea World will give free tickets up to 4 for a military family, only once a year. So since we were already in Orlando we took advantage of it!

After our Disney trip we came back to Georgia until Weston had to head back to South Korea. We spent a lot of time with family here and did a lot of fun things! Found out that Weston is AWESOME at the game corn hole... made me mad a little bit ; )  (I can be a little too competitive at times).  We went fishing, rode the razor, got to go to the church I attend down here. We had a date night... we had a birthday party for him since he would be gone during his birthday and he got some new shirts and an awesome pair of new shoes! We had a really good time while he was home, and we were not looking forward to today. We got up early this morning and he tossed and turned all night and had a headache, and we made the 2 and half hour trip to Atlanta, GA.  When we got to the security checkpoint we started our "goodbyes", both of us were crying and Ama too...Abi just stared at us giving us a funny look. But when Weston went to go through the girl that had watched us asked if he were Military and said we could get gate passes to go through security and to the gate with him. It was really nice... kindof eases the sting a little bit! The girls slept all the way home from Atlanta, which gave me plenty of time to process and get in "single" mode again. It felt so wonderful to have Weston home... I hated him leaving me again, each goodbye seems just a little harder. But the good thing with this one, is we are almost done! Next time he comes home we will be joining him at his next duty station. His branch manager isn't one that allows the soldier to pick his next duty station after a hardship tour. So we have no idea where we will go. We keep getting "unlucky" with this Army thing. But God keeps reminding me about how He is in control. I thought the next duty station was finally one thing we could control, and of course we don't. We had to get the one manager that doesn't do that! We should know in the next month or 2 where we go.

We are very blessed to have had a whole month together, we had an amazing time, and I hope the next 5 months fly by. God has truly blessed our family and I am so thankful! Here are a few pictures, enjoy : )

 Abi loved Mickey Mouse!!
 This was while we were waiting for our food at the Rainforest Cafe
 Weston waited in line for 2 hourse so Ama could see Rapunzel!
 Touched the Flamingo : )

Ama horseback riding!