January 24, 2011

We are moving!!

Me and the girls will be making the big move to a small town in Georgia. This will allow me to quit my job, which in turn will eliminate a lot of my stress! It was a huge decision, one that I battled for weeks, and after LOTS of prayer and fasting and going back and forth I feel at peace with my decision, and I honestly feel it is the right decision. This will allow me to not only be less stressed, but allow me to spend more time with my girls and go back to homeschooling. While there on vacation I discovered a huge church, Sherwood Baptist, it is the same church that put the movies Fireproof and Facing The Giants out. It is Baptist, and I attend an Assemblies of God church, but I have heard this church has lots of children's events and has an amazing children's program, and I'm sure they have a mother's group, and I'm very excited about visiting there! Moving away from what I know will definitely be a huge change, and I will admit to being nervous about making the move. I'm leaving my comfort zone, but I'm excited to see what's in store for us. I think God has big plans for me and my family, and  who knows where we will end up next!! The girls and I will move to Georgia the weekend of March 26th, very soon!! We will stay there through the remainder of Weston's tour in South Korea, which should be through October 26th, although he will have out processing to go through too. Starting sometime this May we will start looking at duty stations and see what is available for us to go to. We are praying for God's direction and that he opens the right doors for us. We have talked about Italy and Germany, just to have a chance to get out there and see some of the world while we have the chance. But who knows what God has in store for us. Where He leads us is where we will go. Thank you to all of you who have been supporting us and have been so generous to us!! You have no idea how much you have blessed us! Thank you so much for your prayers, and we ask that you continue to pray for us and that the right doors are opened as we start searching for Weston's new duty station! With having a year unaccompanied tour overseas he gets to pick his next duty station, but there has to be an opening for his MOS (job) and his pay grade. Hope y'all have a great day!!!

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  1. Best wishes and good luck getting back into homeschooling! Moving away is tough but as long as you have Weston and the girls, you've got it all :-) I'll keep you in my prayers.