January 4, 2011

Starting a Tabor Blog!

I have recently started my own blog, for more personal reasons, and for right now it is between me, Weston and God. Blogging is freeing! To just be honest with yourself and put your thoughts and emotions out there, just like a journal, and for now, it's my safe place, where I can be real and let my feelings out without being judged or criticized. But I thought how fun to start a family blog! So here we go!

Last April Weston went away  to basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC, then headed to Ft. Lee, VA for Advanced Individual Training, when he graduated he came home for about 4 weeks and then shipped off to South Korea! Which God side swiped me with that one because when he joined I was prepared to move in October, not to say goodbye to my husband for a year. It is now January and we are planning his vacation home hopefully the end of April! Then he will return to S. Korea until hopefully this November! Where we go from there I have no clue, although right now I'm kindof set on trying for Germany! How fun would it be to experience Germany, something we would never be able to do otherwise. The only thing is Germany would be a 3 year tour. So we have decide if that's something we want.

The whole Army experience has been a roller coaster to say the least! Weston and I and our both girls have had change after change... there has been very stressful times, there has been really emotional times, but still happy times. Abi asks about daddy every day, "daddy Army?" every day, and me, "yes, daddy's in the Army but he's coming home soon!", a conversation I have every single day. Ama is older and understands more, but sometimes she brings me a picture and with tears in her eyes tells me she misses her daddy. And me : ) of course I miss their daddy too! Trying to always be the strong one is tough, and I fail a lot. I have become an even more emotional person through this process, and the girls have seen all kinds of sides of me. I have been so stressed with working full time, constantly trying to find babysitters and being a "single" mom with 2 kids and a house that unfortunately does not clean itself. I actually was seriously thinking of quitting my job and moving to Georgia... a chance to spend time with my father and a side of the family I have never gotten to really know, or spend much time with. But as praying about it and asking God what I should do, He offered me another decision, to just quit my route, so I did. I am transferring to a different route in the office, I will take a big cut in my pay, but this route I'm going to, the regular carrier gets every other monday off, instead of every saturday. I will still have to work some saturdays on different routes, or covering vacation and sick days. But this will eliminate a lot of my stress. Now I just have to learn how to stick to a budget! So hopefully some of the stress goes down in the Tabor house : ) It's hard with Weston being gone, we all miss him, but I know it's hard for him too. We had our first Christmas apart, I think that was the hardest, Christmas just didn't feel the same. But we are excited now as we plan his vacation home!! And it couldn't come soon enough! Well, bath time is over, so for now... Have a blessed night!

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