January 6, 2011

A Blessed Day

Today was a great day... it started off rocky with me making up our new budget and panicking at the end and calling my boss and telling her I was just kidding about switching routes! We could do it, but there would be nothing going into our savings, and no extra money to pay for Weston's plane ticket home in April. And also... no extra money to spend in Orlando, FL. when we go in April!!! We are SO excited, especially Ama : )  We just came home from my mom and dad's, we went over there to book our resort we will be staying in, a 2 bdrm. condo! The condo is about a 15 minute drive from Disney World : ) I am so excited to hang out with Weston and take our girls to Disney World, what a memory we will be making! I'm extremely excited, now it's time to get serious about losing weight so I can get into a bathing suit!

Today has been a good day, I reconnected with a great friend, Abi and I had a fun day together, Ama had a lunch date with her pappaw and learned all about lower case k in school, we booked our condo for our Disney World trip (which makes the vacation that much more real!), I talked to my boss about my vacation for going to Georgia, I got a hair cut (which is always fun), got to talk to Weston for a bit, and Ama lost her tooth! Thank you God for blessing us with a good day today!

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