January 12, 2011

Tiny update on the Tabor's!

Up most of the night with a sick Ama : (  She had the chills all night, sweating then freezing, and complaining of her whole body hurting, but mainly of her headache. Today, she still has a fever but she says she feels good. So today is a snow day, sick day, and cleaning day! I'm taking advantage of the day off from work (because of Ama's fever) to clean and get things ready for our vacation to Georgia! Which, I may not end up getting to go as planned, still hoping things work out in my favor though! This trip to Georgia is important in making our decision if we will be moving there in the next few months or not! It's a big decision and we are praying for God's direction, so please pray with us!

As far as the Tabor's go, Ama is sick but doing good, she is starting to spell things out and actually read words, which is very exciting! Abi is a mess : ) She is so funny, she is developing quite the personality! I'm doing fine, working alot, the guy I sub for at the office is not coming back. So I will be full time for a while, which is starting to really wear me down! But I'm making it. It's getting harder not easier not having Weston home, and I miss him alot. I can not wait until April when he comes home and I don't feel so alone. As far as how Weston is doing, I would say he is doing good. When he's not working he says he lays in bed all day watching tv or playing his xbox, as long as when he comes home that doesn't continue : )  We are all wishing it was April already so we can be together again, even if it's only for 30 days. When he does come home in April it will be a full year since he left for basic training. Time does fly by!! Hopefully the rest of his time in South Korea flies by just as fast. I still think Germany would be fun for our next duty station, but we will see where God takes us... I don't care, as long as we are together!

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