January 18, 2011

Down in the South!

Ama, Abi and myself made it to the south! First we were in Alabama, and oh how I miss Alabama, it was so great to be out in the country and see the stars so clearly, and it made me miss it there so much! Now we are in Georgia enjoying more time with more family. We have our big decision to make this week, which I'm just excited to make some sort of decision, no matter what the turn out! I did go by and look at the trailer we would be living in yesterday, and I must say... it looked awfully small : ) But we are going to look at it today, so we shall see! We are looking forward to a fun filled week with family and NO WORKING best of all! I'm going to be working with Abi this week on potty training, she is doing such a good job, and if I could just devote a few days to her she would be potty trained in no time. She is so funny, she really hit it off with family here, she followed Amber all over the house last night "helping" her, and with family she would just give big hugs, and she was being so funny and cutesy. I really wanted to let her bangs grow out, but... I think we may break down and cut them, she won't let me keep any clips in her hair. Ama is having a great time, she clings to her Pops and follows him around everywhere. I'm sure he will be wore out by the end of the week! She modeled a new outfit for everyone last night, and yes : ) she worked it! I definitely have the two most cutest girls ever and I love them so much! And as far as me, I'm enjoying the break from the kids : ) and enjoying just being away from home for a while. It feels so good to not have to worry about work or anything else! Vacations are always fun : ) Have a blessed week!

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