January 5, 2011


This is the silly family dog, Skeeter, we adopted him from a humane society about 4 months ago, he was MUCH smaller then, and he is only 8 months old now, so who knows how big Skeeter will be in the months to come. Abi has really started to cling to Skeeter, she is always laying on him, petting him, playing with him, or occasionally jumping on him... but he loves her too : ) they have a sweet bond. Skeeter is all puppy and can be a handful, but we love him! He sometimes gets called Skeeter bite, Skeets, Skeet, when he's in trouble, Skeeter Tabor!!! Ama found Skeeter outside the pet store, his name was buddy, a yellow lab mix waiting for a home. I had no intentions of Skeeter coming home with us, but with Weston gone and everything going on in our lives, he ended up in the van coming to our home, and we have no regrets, he helps us feel safe and adds joy to our home.

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