November 2, 2011

Fort Hood Texas!!

We started the drive to Fort Hood this past Sunday, it actually went a whole lot smoother than I thought. The cats were great, and Skeeter curled up on the floor board under my legs the whole time. Skeeter slept the whole time, he occasionally would pop his head up to look out the window. Monday we crossed into Texas, and we got a little scared of the mosquitoes.... these things were HUGE and they HURT!!! They attacked you, not even kidding. When we got further into Texas and stopped for lunch we were actually scared to get out of the car. But I think we figured it out, I think the killer mosquitoes came from Louisiana and all the swampy areas... thankfully they are not here in the Hood : )

We got here to Ft. Hood about 6:00pm Monday night, we went to get our gate pass to go to the hotel and.... I had the expired insurance card in the car, instead of our current one... so we were denied and had to go look for a hotel that accepted pets off post. So first thing Tuesday morning I called our insurance and got them to email me our current insurance so we could print it off and get on post. After checking into the on post hotel we decided to go ahead and switch our license plates to Texas (it was cheaper to do that than to renew our plates with Indiana). But it was a hassle! We had to have our car inspected (which comes with a sticker on your windshield), and then when we got out Texas plates it also comes with another sticker on the windshield, and then : )  when we registered our car on the base we got yet another sticker for our windshield. 3 stickers on my windshield is driving me crazy, but we will get used to it! So that was all of our Tuesday...

Now today... I just have to brag about how awesome my God is! Our housing agent told us a few days ago that there were no houses available and that no one had even put in a notice to leave, which they are supposed to give a 30 day notice of moving. She said the odds of us getting a house anytime soon was very slim and she advised us to look off post to rent. I was very discouraged, but quickly reminded that I serve a mighty God. I constantly had to remind myself of everything I had learned from a recent Bible study I went through. Constantly telling myself to trust God, He is my provider, He will make a way... Everything off post that we could afford was not ideal for us... at all... So this morning after Weston went to start his in processing I got to work trying to figure out what we were going to do. But first I emailed our housing agent, letting her know we were here, we desperately wanted on post housing, asked her questions about schools for Ama and so on. About 30 minutes later she called me telling me that this is not normal, and miraculously a family moved out of a 3 bdrm. house yesterday and since we are next in line for a 3 bedroom it is ours!! I started crying on the phone with her as she told me about the house... I know, I felt silly, but I couldn't hold it back... If you knew the stress I was under and how I was constantly telling God I trust Him, that He will provide for us, and if you only knew the amount of love I felt from God in that moment talking with the housing agent maybe you could understand why I was crying on the phone.  So I just wanted to give God all the praise, He is so faithful!

Thank you to everyone praying with us and for us! We are doing good : )  Can't wait to get moved in to our house and things settle down a bit and we get back into our schedule! Be praying for Ama as we go today to enroll her in her new school, she is excited but she's also a bit nervous! Since Weston has been home I haven't blogged! I have so much to blog about, but it will have to wait... understandably things are just a little chaotic : ) have a blessed week!!


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