November 26, 2011

Weekend Randoms

* A couple of weeks ago I made a pretty huge decision... to start a photography business! I was really scared to order something so expensive but I did. Weston and I talked about it and we needed me to be bringing in some extra income and I really wanted to try to make it work to work from home. I think with any business that you run there is always a risk involved... so we went out on a limb and I'm hoping I don't crash and burn! We will see. I received the camera the day before Thanksgiving and I'm in the process of learning it. I planned on taking the girls pictures in some new dresses, but the weather wasn't cooperating, so hopefully tomorrow!! Now all I need is my sewing/embroidery machine and I will be set : )

* We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we both missed family, but we were thankful to be together and we invited a couple of families over to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. Weston's fried turkey was SUPER yummy!

* All weekend the girls have been on the go, one night they spent the night with their new friends, and the next night a friend spent the night with us. They have been having a lot of fun playing with their new friends!

* Ama has lost another tooth... she is now missing her two front teeth on the top, and one side tooth on the bottom, she looks so cute ; )

* My mom sent me a gift card to Kohl's and a coupon to use on Black Friday and that's the only shopping we did, but we only went two dollars over what she sent us and we got some new curtains for the living room, a rod and two curtain hooks! We were super excited. A few people told us that we would need black out curtains for our glass sliding doors, especially how our house sits, the sun would hit it just right and our living room/dining room would be very hot. So that's what we got : )

Here's a few pictures to share!

A shelf my mom made from an old door frame, Weston put hooks in it for me and this is in our entryway!

Abi posing for me

Abi and her new friend Izzy

Ama has refused to let me take her picture...this is the only one I got, after her first bike wreck (have I mentioned that she can finally ride her bike with NO training wheels!!)

Weston putting the turkey in, it was so good!

Flowers Weston brought home for the table for our Thanksgiving dinner.

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