November 10, 2011

mid~week randoms

* Feels so good to be out of the hotel and in our house!! On the other hand we are sleeping on air mattresses and have nothing but clothes and microwaveable food : )  Our neighbors let us borrow an air mattress and sheets, and sometime today she is digging through storage and letting us borrow an extra set of pots and pans! I met several of our neighbors yesterday and they seem like an awesome bunch of ladies. The girls played with their kids for a few hours and they had so much fun!

* We are not scheduled to receive our household goods until next Wednesday...

* Thursdays are family days here, so the soldiers always get off early, and tomorrow is Veteran's Day which means Weston gets a 4 day weekend! Yay! So he will go back to work next Tuesday and "supposedly" he will start his 10 day TDY. Their company prefers to not do the paperwork so Weston will report in the morning and then just come home. I'm looking forward to having help unpacking and hanging pictures (I know he loves hanging things for me ; ) )

* Skeeter loves it here, there are dogs everywhere, he met the dog next door and we put Skeeter in her fence and let them play for a while. The cats on the other hand... I think Lou is fine, he acts the same, but Oz is having a tough time. He hates change and this constant moving has taken a toll on him. Even if I go on vacation for a few days I come home to throw up everywhere. Oz started throwing up alot a couple of days ago, and then we moved again yesterday and we woke up to lots of throw up today. Not really sure if there's much I can do for him?? I'm hoping once our household goods arrive and he is around familiar surroundings he will calm down a little and stop being so stressed. I feel bad for him... I woke up to Lou this morning sleeping in Weston's toiletry bag : )

* I debated on taking pictures of the house and posting them... what do you think??

* I took a picture of the girls in their room sleeping in their house for the first time : ) 

* In case you missed a picture of Ama loosing her tooth, here is another one!! She is so proud of that lost tooth, she tells EVERYBODY about it. This picture was the first picture that I took after Weston pulled it out. Ama had been working on it and it was bedtime but her tooth was totally sideways in her mouth and I was scared if she went to bed it would fall out and she would choke on it, haha, so Weston pulled it out... She was scared for him to do that which is why it looks like she was crying in the picture, she cried before he pulled it, and laughed afterwards!

* I'm hoping to travel to Waco this weekend and check out the big disc golf course there...

* Being in all the stores over the past week and seeing all of the Christmas decorations out I'm getting anxious to start decorating! Normally we always wait until after Thanksgiving and we probably will this time too, only because we don't have a tree yet!

* I'm excited about this weekend because it's our Village Wide Yard Sale : ) Yay!! Army yard sales can sometime be the best when it's close to someone getting ready to move. We are hoping to find some really cheap things this weekend, like a bed and bed frame for the guest bedroom... we have an extra bathroom so we need some things for that. Plus yard sales are fun! And it will be a chance to meet some more people in our neighborhood!


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