November 7, 2011

Family Fun!!

We had a lot of fun this weekend! Friday night we just chilled at the hotel, watched movies on the t.v. Saturday we woke up and went in search for the local disc golf course! We found one at Conder Park here in Killeen, it's a 9 hole course, 2 of the holes were "interesting", but the whole course was pretty rough for the fact that we played in 20 mph winds! Two times I almost lost my favorite disc in the pond, because the wind carried it way off course! But it was a blast to just get to play. After we played the girls played on the playground there and then we headed back on post to let them play at Bronco Park (the big play ground). I took a few pictures but I don't think they do it justice, I couldn't get the whole playground in the picture! Also on Saturday we went to the roller skating rink on post! We skated for a couple of hours and the girls loved it!  We played all day Saturday and had a really fun time as a family. Sunday we went to Wal-Mart for a few things and got a few outdoor games for us to play behind the hotel, we played games and played on the playground. We were trying to make it fun for the girls because it is no fun to be stuck in a hotel room all the time with very little things to play with! Here's a few pictures from the weekend...

Playing Disc Golf!!!

Bronco Park

Another view of Bronco Park

We were a little shaky at first!!

Watching Ama play Limbo

Ama LOVED playing Limbo in roller skates, she would fall on the floor when it got low and slide under : )

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