November 20, 2011

Tabor Family Update!!!

We have been SUPER busy since our household goods have arrived. The girls always want to be outside so it has been hard trying to unpack and watch them outside too, but we are getting there : ) We still have lots to do!  As far as the girls go, they love it here. We live on a cul-de-sac (had to google how to spell that), so it is perfect for them, all the kids come out and play and ride their bikes or scooters. Our house has recently became the current hotspot for the kids because of the trampoline in the backyard. And it's fun too, the adults hang out and talk while the kids play.

As far as Weston goes... so far he is liking his Unit, he's loving being home with his family, and is really liking Fort Hood.... that's all he gave me : ) 

Me... I'm fabulous : )  I love it here. I love living in base housing strictly for the fact that it is a Military community. I really like the girls that are on our street, I can see myself becoming good friends with several of them!

As far as churches go, we went to a church last weekend and we really enjoyed it. They were celebrating Veteran's Day and it was really emotional, being in a Military town and recognizing all the veterans brought tears to mine and Weston's eyes. The kids came in with American flags and a thank you banner and all the veterans received a flag from a child. The whole service was really touching. The church we attended this morning I found by accident when we first got here. The lady at Ama's school sent me on a wild goose chase to have a paper filled out and I was sent to an office that I really was not supposed to go to, but maybe I was sent there just for the reason I would see this big church across the street from the office... I remember telling Weston that day about the big church and telling him at some point I wanted us to try it out. We went this morning and at first when we walked in I wasn't so sure. It was packed. We had to wait in a line just to drop our kids off and when we did see where our girls would be I was blown away... After getting the girls arm bands and we taking their numbers we made our way to the sanctuary... I can't even describe how I felt... no doubt at all I felt God strongly in there, and the last time I experienced worship like that was at youth convention when I was a teenager, it was amazing. I'm pretty sure I cried through most of praise and worship. The lights were off, the praise team was amazing and everyone in frost of us was entering into worship. It was so refreshing. The pastor was awesome... Weston and I both loved him, and his wife is the worship leader... Weston and I both left there not saying we liked it, we LOVED it. Neither of us have no desire to try a different church right now, we can't wait to go back and get involved. In case you want to peek, here's their website

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