April 11, 2011

Trusting Him

The Tabor family had a great weekend! Saturday us girls went yard saling, only found one good one, Ama found some cute sandals, and 2 Sunday dresses, that are really cute! Then we met up with family at Chehaw park and had a picnic, and I learned how to play Disc Golf. It was actually harder than I thought it would be. There's alot of coordination involved, and footwork. But it could be really fun, and is great exercise, I didn't throw that much and woke up the next morning REALLY sore! Sunday was church and just relaxing, but I did finally detail my car. It was so dirty, I hadn't cleaned it since our road trip down here, and road trips with kids tend to be messy!

Sunday at church was really neat for me, our Sunday school lesson was on trusting God. And for the past year God has really been working on my control issues and teaching me to just let go and trust Him. It can be really hard. We tend to want things now and get very impatient if we have to wait. I tend to want things in my timing and not God's, and like to have control of things. My past year I have had control over nothing : )  I have developed a trust in God that I hadn't had before.  We started planning Weston's trip home, it seems like forever ago, but we made all these plans, and we would talk about everything we wanted to do, and we got excited. So when he called about being deployed to Japan, it was so hard to not be selfish. Even though I knew Japan was going through so much, I still wanted him home for myself, for my kids. I did NOT want him to miss Disney World with the girls! But then their mission to Japan was cancelled... so once again we were SO excited, our vacation was back on! Some financial things for us didn't go through as planned, which stressed Weston and I out. He still would have came home on the Patriot Express, but we wouldn't have known when he would have made it here, and he would have had to leave us much earlier to insure he got a plane flight back to Korea in time. And just all the unknowns of if he was going to make it home in time for plans, and all the uncertainty of things were stressful! But yesterday at church through our lesson I knew God was speaking to me, to trust HIM. She gave the example that we all know about. To fall back and your trusting the person behind you to catch you. And God is that person behind me, and even though I can't see Him, He will never leave or forsake me. He will always be there right behind me to catch me, and to just TRUST Him. Well as of this morning a flight was booked for Weston to come home and to return to Korea. We will be picking him up from the airport on April 20th at 3:50pm!!! I was so overwhelmed with God's love this morning. He always makes a way, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!! How a huge weight was lifted because I know he's coming home and the girls are so excited. Weston doesn't know yet, because he's sleeping (it's night time there). But he will be ecstatic! Thank you for your prayers!! God is AMAZING!!