April 8, 2011

Goooood Beautiful Friday Morning!!!!

It's a cloudy, but warm, friday this morning. The girls are playing in the water hose, I have been cleaning and have fresh, sweet bread baking. I have lots coming up in my schedule... alot of exciting things!! We have really been enjoying Georgia. I love the space outside, the girls have so much fun running around out here, and they practically live on our trampoline. We have started bike riding on a daily basis, Ama decided to ride her bike on our long bike ride yesterday and we met a little girl who was playing outside. Her mom happened to be the 1st grade teacher at the local Charter school for this area, and she told me alot about the school. We drove by it a couple days ago and Ama got really excited about it and said she didn't want to be homeschooled, she wanted to go to school. So we will see... I told her me and her would pray about it together and we will see what God says.

Tonight we are going to a Mexican restaraunt with all the family! Yummy : ) although it has nothing on Tequila's, I'm still excited to have some chips and dip! There are a few mexican restaruants in Albany we still have to try, but it will be a while before we get to try them!

Next weekend we are going to PANAMA CITY!!!! We are SO excited : ) the beach sounds amazing right now. It feels like forever since we have been, and I love the beach! It will be spring break time so I'm sure it will be crazy, but I'm so excited, and so are the girls!

The week after Panama City... Weston is hopefully coming home! A commercial plane ticket is out of the question, so we are planning on trying the Patriot Express. It's a military flight that will run from South Korea to Seattle, Washington. Only problem is there's no guarentee he can make the flight. If someone more senior to him shows up and the flights already full, he gets bumped off the flight. but if there's one thing God has taught me in past year, it's trust. I am trusting God. He continues to make a way for our family, and I know that He will make a way for us this time too. If Weston does miss the flight on the 21st, then he can try for 2 more flights the following week. But if all goes as planned and he makes the flight, we will buy a ticket from Seattle to Atlanta and he will be home on the 21st of April!! I can't even describe how excited Ama and Abi are about seeing their daddy. Abi watched daddy fly away on an airplane, and now everytime she sees a plane she gets excited and says, "Daddy's coming home!!!" And she squeals with excitement! I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they see their daddy running into their arms!  We all miss him. So if you think of Weston, say a prayer that everything works out for him to get home on the Patriot Express. Prayer is such a powerful thing, and I know so many of you pray for him and our family, and words cannot express how thankful we are for those prayers!

When we pick up Weston on the 21st from the airport, we are planning on driving straight to Indiana to Mark and Tonya's house, where we will stay for the weekend. I miss Harvestime... I miss the worship, I miss the people, the services... I can't wait to be there on Easter Sunday! It will be a fun weekend, and then heading back to Georgia, where we will pack and prepare for...

Disney World! We are SO excited about Disney World....especially Abi. She tells everyone down here about Mickey Mouse and how she can't wait to hug Mickey : )  Weston and I are really excited about Disney World, and I'm so excited that he gets to go with us.

After Disney we will have about a week together before he has to go back to South Korea. I'm not excited about him going back, but I am excited about us planning where we are going next. I am eager to find out what bases are open and what our options are. I have to be honest, I am LOVING the south. I am leaning on a base in the south, which I know Weston wants to be in the South. But living down here... I have missed it. Where we are, there are several small towns, and everyone is so nice, and driving... I love the scenery. I don't really know how to describe it, I just feel so comfortable here. It just feels good : ) I love hearing the accent : ) I have caught myself picking the southern twang back up on a few words.  Simply put, I just love it here.

But I do miss back home, I miss my family and friends. Can't wait to see everyone! Abi talks about Judah Yazvac on a daily basis. She cooks on her stove and I hear her talking about Judah and Frank : )  When we went to church she asked if Judah was going to be there, when we go to the park and play, she asks if Judah will be there. So Amber, if you read this, Abi can't wait to see Judah! Both the girls can't wait to see family up in Indiana. Very soon!!!! It will before here before we know it!

I hope all of you have a blessed weekend!!

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