April 18, 2011

This past weekend we got to go to Panama City Beach!! It felt so good to be at the beach... I LOVE the ocean, and the sand! We got down there Friday night and because it was dark the girls were too scared to go near the water, but Ama had fun dancing and squealing in the sand. She let everyone know she was excited. Saturday morning we planned for a full day at the beach, but only made it a few hours. The wind was blowing at about 30 mph and it was a cold wind. We still had fun, but we were kind of bummed because we couldn't stay out as long as we wanted. Both red flags were out, and the waves were bad. So we left the beach early and found other things to do. We played putt putt, and walked out by the pier and some outlet malls (where the girls got the cutest pair of Crocs). And we ate at Captain Anderson's, where I ordered shrimp and they still had the shell on with the little legs hanging off : / YUCK!  The waitress tried getting me to suck on the shell and get the juice out, and then pull the shrimp out and eat it, but as soon as the little legs touched my lips I couldn't do it... But the shrimp was really good : ) Sunday at the beach was the perfect weather! From the waves there were so many shells that were on the beach. We found some of the most perfect shells, the curled ones that are so smooth and not a chip on them. They looked like we bought them from a store. I found a crab's claw that had washed up on shore, I thought it was neat anyways! Ama and Abi had so much fun, Abi wouldn't get in the water unless I held her, but Ama had so much fun splashing in those waves. We will definitely be going back soon... very soon ; )

Today the girls and I went and did some shopping preparing for Weston coming home, and getting ready for our upcoming trips. And before we went home we went to the YMCA and signed Ama up for T-Ball! It's a coed team and I'm pretty sure Ama will be awesome! We have been playing baseball in the yard, and the girl can hit! Not to mention how good of a throwing arm she has! I told her hopefully I don't embarrass her too much because I'll be making a t-shirt with her name and number, and jumping in the stands yelling her name ; )  She likes it!

In less than 48 hours we will be picking Weston up from the airport. These 6 months have flown by! We are so ready for him to come home, even if it will be for a short time. This Wednesday will be a year since he left for Basic Training... A WHOLE YEAR! It's been a roller coaster of emotions.  We will be SO happy to have him home for the next few weeks, and we have so much to jam into those few weeks, but we will have fun! While he is home we are hoping to find out where he will be stationed next. Since he had a hardship tour, which is an overseas tour without your family, he gets to pick his next duty station, as long as there is an opening with his rank and MOS (his job). So we are really just trusting God that He will open the right doors for us. And that we will have wisdom. (God, Hawaii would be great!) Seriously, I'm not really picky, just as long as we are together (for longer than a few weeks).

This coming weekend we will be heading back to Indiana!! We miss everyone. We have been having a blast here in Georgia, it has been amazing for me, to not work and stay home, and me and the girls have been having a lot of fun. A lot less stress, which has been great! BUT : ) we do miss everyone. We miss our family, and friends, and church. Can't wait to see all of you again!!!  SEE YOU SOON : )

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