April 3, 2011

A Blessed Sunday

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! The weather was beautiful, lower 80s with a nice breeze, the sunshine felt amazing! We started this Sunday out by trying the local Baptist church... being used to Assemblies of God it was.... different. I counted 37 adults this morning at church, but they are on spring break so a lot were gone. Sunday school starts at 10:00 here! And church starts at 11:00!! I was shocked... that's plenty of time to get ready for church! Ama was not shy whatsoever when we got there, she met a couple girls her age on their way to class and she just followed them straight to class. Abi however was not leaving my side, so she went to Sunday school with me, but half way through the class she changed her mind and went to Sunday School. Ama loved her Sunday school teacher so much that she sat with her most of the church service! Abi stayed in the nursery and really liked it. Even though church was different than what I was used to, the people were so kind and I really enjoyed it. Ama learned the songs they are singing for Easter sunday and she will be a part of that, which she is excited about. Abi learned about praying today in her class : )  And when church was over Ama couldn't leave without going and giving her Sunday school teacher a big hug. Seeing Ama not be shy and just really be comfortable like she was made my heart smile.

We have had a fun and busy day, after church we hung out at Pop's and Nana's and the whole gang came over today. We ended up going to Ritchie's house after lunch and riding the razor all around the lake, Ama LOVED it. We even saw a snake and a gator, Yikes! We also went bike riding and to the park. I have a bike with a bike trailer on the back and we ride all over, Ama loves to ride her bike all over town, and Abi sits in the back of the bike trailer. Bike riding is great excercise!!! Now if only I can keep it up!!!

Hope you had a blessed Sunday as well ; )

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