April 1, 2011


Exactly a week ago we left Indiana and started our journey here to a small town in Georgia. It rained most of the time we traveled, but for the most part the trip went really well. The girls did great and Ama helped me out a lot! When we arrived at our new home we had a crew to help us. Granny and Papa were here, Amber's parents were here, the Alexander's were here, Granny Lillian and Brian and Tanya were here. Unloading went really quick, and everyone pitched in and helped me unpack. Probably the easiest experience I've ever had moving. The only thing I had to do by myself was hang up my own clothes!

Since being here, tonight is our first night to stay home and just have supper just the three of us! Over the past week we have spent lots of time outside (when it wasn't raining) and the girls love to play down by the pond. Skeeter absolutely LOVES the pond, he's a little fish. Probably the girl's favorite thing is the trampoline. Of course they both have to fight constantly over who gets to jump, but they are getting better. I still haven't gotten us in a routine, but we are getting there! It feels amazing to not work and stay home with the girls. We have lots of projects that we are wanting to start doing, and the first we are going to start working on this coming week, a garden! I have never attempted one, but Ama wants to do one very badly!

I love the south. People are so nice here, and I love the country feel. I don't know how to describe it, it just feels good to be back in the south. The only thing I could do without are these fire ants... they are bad here. And poor Abi she watches the ground as she walks saying "No fire ants!" Her little feetsies have several bites on them. The three of us are doing really good though. Tomorrow Ama is having a birthday party, since family down here couldn't celebrate Ama's 6th b'day. She is having a bonfire with hotdogs and hamburgers, and of course cake, and we are making Smores!!! I can't wait for the Smores : ) yummy! Ama is very excited about tomorrow. Her and Abi made a new friend, her name is Riley. Her parents helped us move in when we got here. We are planning on attending a local Baptist church just down the road this Sunday, so I'm hoping to meet more kids in the area here. But in a small town with a population of 200... everyone tends to drive to the nearest big city for everything. So we will see how this church is!

As far as anything else new in our lives... We were SO excited about Weston coming home on vacation on April 20th. We were planning on being home and coming to Harvestime on Easter Sunday, and we had a big Disney trip planned, and many more things. But with the Army you never know what could happen. Weston is being deployed to Japan to do humanitarian work. We have no idea how long he could be there, it could be for weeks, or it could be for months.  But he will be close to the nuclear plant, so prayers are much appreciated! That is about all the details on that subject that I can give. I have struggled with this a little bit because I have battled being selfish! April 20th will mark an entire year since Weston left for Basic for the Army. I was excited about having him home and the girls and I talked almost daily about when Daddy comes home we are going to Disney (which we are still going with my parents).  I feel selfish being upset about him not making our Disney trip, when Japan has suffered from so much devastation. I know that God has purpose in him going to Japan and if there's one thing that God has been working on me since Weston has been gone it's my trust in Him. I'm so used to being in control of everything that I can and God has just TOTALLY taken that away from me. I have seen SUCH an improvement in myself in the past year. Months ago if this would have happened to me I would be a total disaster. I like to plan things out and when things don't go as planned I am not happy. Well the past year has been anything but planned and smooth rolling. And I have developed a trust in God that I have never had before, and it feels amazing. Even though I'm really bummed that Weston doesn't get to come to Disney World with us, I know God is in control. And the girls will have a blast there, and thank goodness for amazing family that we will get to spend time with! I am proud of Weston going to Japan and helping a country that so badly needs help. I pray that God watches over his every move and protects him... and I pray that he is a light over there in the darkness.

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