February 6, 2013

34 weeks pregnant today!!! Until my doctor gets the results from the specialists I am still sticking with my March 20th due date... although I have a strong feeling I will have her before that! Otherwise, I'm looking at a BIG baby. She is still breech, showing no interest in turning so far. My husband FINALLY had a weekend off and was able to set up the crib, fix Abi's bunk bed, drag the baby clothes out of storage for me (alot of heavy lifting involved there) and a few other manly things that I can't do... only one more thing for him to do that I have no idea how to do, and that is to fix the shower curtain rod. Ama decided it would be fun to hang and swing from the rod and broke the metal part that attaches the rod to the wall... he has to find the right piece and fix it. This is all stuff I need done by March. Why you ask? Because my husband is deploying and I am in full on nesting mode. I need things fixed that I can't fix, and I need help preparing for this baby. He's going to miss the entire first year of this baby's life, and I want him included with as much of the preparation as possible. Okay, wait, not the entire first year... IF he is here for the birth he will get to meet her before hopping on a plane, and then he gets 2 weeks to come home at some point in that year. It will be a very different experience giving birth to our child without him here, it makes me sad to think about it, for him and for me. But, that's the military way of life... Hopefully she decides to come at a time that Weston can still be here to witness her grand entry into this world, and then, if you are friends with me on FB I will probably drive you crazy over the next year posting tons of pictures and videos so that Weston can still feel somewhat a part of our lives as he will have plenty of video and pictures to look at :) In fact... I just got an amazing idea in my head!! :) Off to do some researching and possibly some online shopping...


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