January 24, 2013

Feeling BLESSED!!

I was so overwhelmed with things yesterday, and allowing them all to get to me. Those of you that know me, know I am a control freak. I like to be in control, it's who I am, it's also one of my biggest downfalls. When I decided to move to Georgia I had to downsize and get rid of a lot of things, so a lot of baby things went into a yard sale. I kept the many tubs of clothing that I had, and I kept the crib, but the mattress was in rough shape so out it went. This pregnancy was not planned, I was not ready, but obviously God had other things in mind. This was a really hard year for us financially, Weston made a whopping $24,000.00 last year... love that Army pay :) But God always managed to pull us through when we got in a tough spot. We had planned to use a small chunk of our tax return to buy the necessary baby things that we would need. But yesterday I just had anxiety about how we had nothing ready for this baby, and there's a possibility that Weston could deploy any time... and I keep feeling like this baby is coming early (watch I will be way overdue :), I just let the stress of it all really get to me. So I posted on facebook about how Baby Tabor is due in 8 weeks and we have nothing ready for her, and I was overwhelmed by the generosity and love that people were showing me! I had people messaging me offering to ship me things, people that I barely know offering to give me baby things that are in storage that they no longer need, people messaging me and asking me to register so that they can send me something. I was really caught off guard... for one, that was not the intentions of my post whatsoever, I was just stressed out about it and letting the world know, and two a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders because so many people offered to give us things, and an amazing friend of mine is throwing me a baby sprinkle :) it really helps us out financially knowing that we won't have to buy everything! I love helping people out when they are in need, and I can't wait to turn around and pay it forward!


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