January 23, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Dates

Valentine's Day is coming up soon!!  :) Ama LOVES Valentine's Day, she loves all holidays, but there's always something special about Valentine's Day. Last year we decorated the house and had a fancy dinner, the girls had so much fun helping with that. This year we are doing something different, but something I want to start doing a lot more often. Their Daddy is taking them out on one on one dates... I think the relationship between a Daddy and daughter is SO important, it's one thing if your mother tells you how beautiful and special you are, but to hear it from your Daddy it takes on a whole new meaning, it's special to us girls. The plan is the first night Weston will take Amariah out on a date... she will pick out one of her dresses and we will do her hair and I can't wait to share in her excitement :) Abigail's turn will be the second night, not really sure how Abi will react, I know she will be excited though...

Here are a couple of pictures of Weston and his two princesses... Have an amazing day!!


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