October 29, 2012

Be Inspired...Make A Difference

Not too long ago I posted a video on my FB page about MaCayla Rowe's 16th birthday party. MaCayla is our Pastor's oldest daughter, she is a remarkable person that God is doing AMAZING things through. Here is the link to listen to MaCayla talk about her Sweet 16, http://macayla.destinywoc.com/. And here also is a link from the organization that she partnered with as they told her thank you, http://vimeo.com/51264318?action=share.

I think it is absolutely amazing to see people put others first, and especially as a teenager to seek God's will instead of your own, and act on it... Sweet 16s are a big deal, and for one person to make a stand and a sacrifice and see everyone come together to join her cause is inspiring! One person made a difference in so many lives. So many times we think that one person can't make a big difference. And we can. Watch these videos and be inspired!

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