October 26, 2012

Gender Reveal...

I really wish we were closer to home! How fun would it be to have a gender reveal party with our family?! So many cute and fun ideas on pinterest, yet it's so hard to do with them living so far away! There are lots of cute ideas out there to reveal the gender of the baby... but we either can't afford to do them, or it's just too difficult to do long distance... plus, we find out at night, and to pull some of them off, the grandparents would have to wait until the following day, and I'm pretty sure no one wants to wait! So I'm thinking we will just stick with a phone call to the grandparents, and everyone else we will send a text with a picture or something. I'm just ready to find out the gender. It's causing some major stress in my life (which is so silly in my opinion), and I'm ready to find out and move on. There is so much pressure on this poor kid to be a boy I feel sorry for the baby! Sure I would be a little disappointed, but it's not a big deal, I would love the baby girl just the same. In the beginning of the pregnancy I didn't mind people referring to the baby as a boy, because there is nothing wrong with claiming what you want... believing God for a baby boy... but it has gotten beyond that now and has turned into something so stressful instead of a joyous thing. I almost feel sick to find out what baby is going to be, I'm sure I will be sick on Monday evening as we go. It's not supposed to be that way, it's supposed to be full of excitement and joy! Personally if it were up to me, we wouldn't tell anyone what the sex of the baby was until the day after we find out. Just so that we can celebrate what baby's gender is just us as a family, for one night. Then tell everyone the news the next day. We shall see :) 


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