October 23, 2012

I have not been doing too well at blogging... actually I haven't been doing too well at anything at life here lately, except making a baby, I'm doing that just great, so great, that everything else in life seems to have been on hold. Now that I'm finally coming out of the funk from the first trimester I'm finally getting a little excited :) I'm still waiting for some energy to come my way so that I can put my house back together! The spare bedroom seems to be the hiding place for laundry and I tell myself everyday that tomorrow, no matter what, I'm doing laundry until it's done. Tomorrow always comes and goes, and I still have a mountain of laundry that needs to be folded and put away...anyone want to come do it for me???

On a different note, us Tabors are doing really well! The stress level in our house has gone down drastically since Weston has re enlisted in the Army. It was a tough decision, but I'm confident that we made the best decision for our family, and we are SO excited to be going to Georgia, we will be close to family, close to Alabama family, and closer to Indiana family.

The girls are doing great, they are growing like weeds! Especially Ama, poor thing needs some new jeans, you see butt crack in ever pair of jeans she owns :) shhhh, don't tell her I said that... Ama is fabulous... as always... she is doing incredible in school. Her teacher has nothing but amazing things to say about her. She received a Good Character/Good Citizenship award last month. Ama has always been the teacher's favorite, she strives to impress, she picks flowers some mornings before school to take her teacher, but my favorite is how she treats her classmates. Ama notices the kids don't have many friends and always asks them to play with her, she's kind to everyone and that makes me so proud of her! Abi on the other hand :) I knew with her starting school this year that it would be a different experience then what we have had with Ama. Abi has a hard time paying attention, she has a hard time sitting in one place for a long time unless it's something that she is really interested in or she's sick... Before Abi started school it was a struggle for her to sit down the whole time while the family ate dinner together. She has made progress :) she can sit down now through an entire meal! At our parent/teacher conference her teacher expressed concern about Abi being able to focus and pay attention. The class will be given 40 minutes to color a picture, and Abi never picks up a crayon, instead she gets caught up watching what everyone else is doing in class. Then her teacher mentioned something that I have questioned in the past, if I have ever had her hearing tested. She said sometimes Abi acts like she doesn't understand what she is supposed to be doing, or doesn't hear her. For the past 2 years I have questioned her hearing, but I would test her several times through the day, either by whispering her name across the room, or saying different things in different volumes and asking her to repeat me. She always passes my test, but when she's not focused you have to repeat yourself constantly with her and it's frustrating. But I think it's due to her not paying attention. She gets so caught up in what is going on around her it's like she tunes everything else out. I can imagine that would get frustrating with her teacher! So, per her teacher's request we will be seeing about having her hearing tested. Weston did bring up with her teacher about ADD, how he had it and he sees similar things that he also struggled with, and the teacher said we would work as a team together. One of the things she and Weston and I are to do with her, is when we tell her something have her repeat back what she is supposed to do. Due to Abi's struggles in the class, she is not doing the best, and we have to work really hard with her at home. The teacher did say that Abi is her big helper, when it comes to hands on projects, Abi loves to help the teacher and help her classmates. But regardless, we are still so proud of her. Abi keeps us laughing everyday!

It's definitely time to get off of the computer... and maybe :) start working on my mountain of laundry! Have a fabulous and blessed day!


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