October 12, 2011

mid~week randoms

* The girls and I had so much fun on our trip to Indiana! The girls were spoiled by my parents and Weston's parents! I got to play lots of disc golf with my Dad, I was very surprised by how good of a player he is! I was able to spend some amazing time with a couple of my friends!! Very glad I was able to make the trip up! Sadly, I am not sure when we will be able to make the trip up to Indiana again : (  This trip was our last trip up for the rest of this year, we will see what the year 2012 holds and when we can get back up there!

* Weston will be home VERY soon... Abi doesn't really understand the whole moving again thing, but Ama does, so she has mixed emotions about her Daddy coming home.  Of course she's ready for her Daddy to be home, but she is not wanting to move... I think she's most scared about starting another school and making friends all over again. But, Ama makes friends very easily. She has such a beautiful heart and I know she will do great at her new school.

* I'm actually pretty surprised with myself at how I am not stressing about everything anymore. I am a planner and the fact that we are moving and have no clue where we will be staying, or I have no clue what school Ama is going to, or how long we will be waiting for our house... there are so many unknowns and I have a peace about it! (That's a miracle in itself!!) I trust God, and I know that He is our provider and everything will work out.

* My disc golf tournament is this coming weekend!! I got lots of practice in this past weekend, playing 5 rounds of 18 holes with Dad! I have a basket in my yard so I should practice everyday this week... I SHOULD :)  we shall see...

* While playing the Mesker course over the weekend I got poison oak... I went all through the woods looking for a disc, I had red lines all over my legs but thought they were scratches....nope, they turned into VERY itchy blisters.

That's all my randomness for now ; )  Here's a few pics of the girls that were taken in Indiana!


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