October 4, 2011

mid~week randoms :)

* Fall has finally arrived here in Georgia, and the weather is BEAUTIFUL!! Still have some gnats, hoping they are gone very soon... but the girls are loving the weather, they now spend most of their time outside on the trampoline or in the sand box!! (Which is also nice for the momma :))

* The disc golf tournament is coming up and I have not been practicing like I should... big FAIL on my part... oh well, I will just go out there and have fun!!

*Speaking of disc golf, Sunday afternoon we went with my Granny and Papa to their church picnic, Ama and Abi had a blast playing with all the kids! Here's a couple of pictures of Ama teaching some of the girls how to play disc golf!!

* Saturday afternoon the girls had a birthday party to go to for their friend Ryleigh. It was by far the prettiest birthday party I have ever been to! It was a tea party... When you walked in there were two tables set up and in the center of the tables were all kinds of goodies and sweets! All around the little house were tea cups and you picked one out and got some tea... Ama wasn't too thrilled to have hot tea, so she mainly stuck to the punch, but Abi loved the blueberry tea! They all had feather boas to put on and they got served everything, it was very fancy. The girls loved it and you could tell they felt so special!! Here's a few pictures I snapped with my phone.
The girls showing off their tattoos!

Abi with her hot blueberry tea

Such a Diva : )

The gorgeous cake!

The birthday girl and Ama and Abi!

* So this is my post of nothing but randoms... and this is probably way too much information to share with the world, but : )  my 3 year old has started sneaking outside to do her "business"... yes I am referring to peeing and pooping, it is absolutely disgusting to me and no matter how many times I have gotten on to her she still manages to do it. She actually went several days without me catching her go potty outside, but Monday I found her outside right by my car door pooping... ewwwww! Seriously I don't get it... Is it that much more exciting to go to the bathroom outside than it is in the potty? So Monday... I did something I hadn't done before... I made her clean it up, because knowing me I would have forgotten about it and stepped in it getting in my car (and that would have made me sick!). She HATED cleaning it up... so hopefully that was the last time she does her "business" outside : )

* My cat's paw is much better! He is back to running on it and being his normal, mischievous self, and all the swelling is gone... thank goodness!

* I have been very stressed the past few days with trying to figure everything out for our move to Texas... Feeling a little better now about everything, just really hoping everything goes through as planned! Weston's vacation to come home before going to Texas still hasn't been approved, I'm anxious to know what the DEFINITE plans will be. As far as him coming home, his plane will be landing later at night, so Ama and Abi will not be going to the airport to pick Weston up with me, instead they will spend the night with their Pops and Nana that night. As of right now, I plan on not telling them that I am going to pick him up, for a couple of different reasons, one, I want to surprise them, and two, if I told them they would beg to go with me, and it would be too hard... they would be so tired, and fussy. So I plan on surprising them with their Daddy when we pick them up the next morning to take Ama to school... I will video tape it I'm sure : )

* The girls are SO excited about going to Indiana this week!! Especially Abi... it is ALL she talks about. So if you think of us Wed. afternoon and Thursday pray for safe travels for the girls and I!! We will make the drive back to Georgia on Monday, the 10th!

* On our way to Indiana tomorrow we will be staying with my Mammaw : )  I haven't seen her in a while and I'm excited to see her!

I decided to post my mid week randoms post today because tomorrow I know that my procrastinator self will be scrambling to pack last minute things, cleaning the car and any other last minute things I need to get done before leaving! Hope everyone has a blessed week!


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