September 28, 2011

Mid~Week Randoms

* I LOVE blogging, but I also love reading blogs, I have a few blogs that I follow faithfully, and I feel so connected to them, although I have never met them!! One of the blogs that I recently came across just broke my heart. Her little boy has EB and I found myself getting lost in reading all her entries and watching home videos of her little boy...

* I had a GREAT weekend!! Friday I picked Amber up from work and we went out to eat with Lindsay (a girl Amber works with), and then we all went tot he movies to see The Help... AMAZING movie!! Saturday I of course played Disc Golf and Justin, my cousin met us there to spend the weekend with us. I had a blast with him... Saturday, after Disc Golf, we went to Wilder's World for a while with the girls and Amber, and then headed home for an evening with family. We decided to go take a tour of the Still Pond Winery, first time ever to visit a winery and it was alot of fun, we got to see how they made the wine and all the equipment they use, they were so nice there and Abi and Ama loved their Muscadine juice!!  After our fun tour we headed back home for some chili, corn hole, and a movie night... we didn't get to bed till about 2:30 in the morning, but we had fun!  Sunday morning when we woke up we all got ready and headed out to the Holme's residence. We had the Polaris Razor packed and ready to go along with some fishing poles and several guns... : )  We rode the razor quite a bit, but spent most of our time shooting. Dad had made the comment about shooting some turtles and I thought "how mean is that", those poor turtles are just out there enjoying their Sunday not doing anything wrong to them... until I shot one... He was sitting on a branch poking up out of the water and it took me about 3 shots I think, and I hit him : ) And it was so much fun... so Justin and I sat out there with our deadly weapons daring any turtle to stick their head up out of the water, if I missed the turtle Justin shot him, if he missed, I was shooting at him. It was SO much fun! I shot Ritchie's .22 semi-automatic rifle first... then I shot Dad's Remington R-15 semi-automatic in a .223 caliber, that thing was bad to the bone.... Ama and Abi hated it because it was loud, so they wore some headphones to block out some of the noise. Took me back to my Army days when I was shooting that thing. Then I went back to shooting turtles with the .22 rifle, until I got to shoot a Ruger .22 semi-automatic pistol... that thing was fun! My first time shooting a pistol, I had the strong urge to do somersaults down the hills and pop up and shoot a turtle real fast : )  not even kidding.... my eyes were literally watching every bubble in the pond waiting for a turtle to pop up, in between turtle hunting we hit some golf balls with a baseball bat, that was a lot harder than it looked... I didn't hit too many... and then got frustrated, and went back to turtle hunting : )  I think it's official... I need my own gun!
 Ama and her Pops ready to go!
 Abi fixin' to enjoy her Popsicle
 Ama enjoying her "cold beer", something Ritchie taught her... it is just root beer...

The awesome Remington R-15 semi-automatic : )
 Justin with the .22
 Abi... NOT liking us shooting the guns
Justin trying to hit his golf ball over the pond... he did...

And I secretly took this picture with my phone, Ama constantly had her hand tucked inside Justin's hand.

* After my Bible study Tuesday I met Kelly Spilman and her grandmother at Cracker Barrel for lunch, it was great to catch up with her! So weird that we were both born in the same town, same hospital, and met in high school in Indiana! Abi called her grandmother, Granny, and sat in her lap and asked if she could go home with her! It was pretty cute : )

* Plans have once again changed with us Tabor's... Weston is now flying here to Georgia instead of going to Texas... which means we will now be moving a lot sooner than expected! Also means we will be moving not knowing when a house will be available to us... a lot of question marks, but everything will work out!

* My mischievous cat has broken his foot somehow... we have a sliding glass door and what I think has happened is that one of the kids slammed his paw in the door on accident.

* We will be making the trip to Indiana next week! Ama will be on Fall Break and we are taking that opportunity to visit family. The girls and I are super excited to see everyone!!

Hope y'all have an amazing week : )


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