October 19, 2011

mid~week randomness

* Good Beautiful Wednesday Everyone!!!!

* Beware of this randoms post because I have LOTS on my mind : )

* My Mom, and Hanah and Jesh got in last night, and just left a few minutes ago this morning... They drove down to pick up their new family member, Peaches : )  She's such a sweet kitty! So glad she found a home! And it was nice to see the family, even though it was such a short visit.

* I am still on a Disc Golf high from the tournament this past weekend... it was just so exciting : )

* I have met several people through playing Disc Golf and I'm kind of sad that I may not ever see some of them again... Hopefully next year at the tournament I have a chance to see them!

* Okay : )  enough of Disc Golf.... for now...  It was really weird waking up this morning and not getting an email from Weston... or talking to him... Transportation came and packed up all of his stuff yesterday so I will not talk to him until he lands in the States... although I know Weston and he will find a way to call me for a few minutes just to "hear my voice" : ) 

* In exactly a week I will be waking up next to my husband, and hopefully this time, longer than just a few weeks. 18 months is a long time, and things have changed. Me and the girls have a schedule, a really nice routine that works for us. Our lifestyle before the military and our lifestyle after is a lot different. I realize it will be an adjustment for Weston (I hope he brings lots of PATIENCE with him :) ). He hasn't been with the girls for more than a few weeks, and with it just being us at home. They have grown up, there's drama, the girls are in the constant fighting and tattling stage...

* The company that is moving us came out yesterday to get an idea of everything they will need to bring, after he left it really set in that I am fixin' to move. I have mixed feelings about it. I want to be with my husband and go where he goes... but I am going to miss Georgia A LOT! I love it here. Making the decision to move to here was the best decision for me and the girls. For everything personally that I have gone through I can't imagine having to go through the same things still working a full time job, still stressing over who is watching my kids every Saturday while I work... I have such an appreciation not only for spouses whose spouse is deployed, but the one left behind, working a job, and taking care of the kids, and finances, and keeping everything at home running, while missing their spouse and going through the hardships that come along with a spouse being overseas. It's hard. So many times everyone focuses on the Soldier who is overseas without their family, but the one left behind is a true hero too! I have HATED everything we have gone through as a family the past year... but... had Weston not gone to Korea, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to come to Georgia and spend an amazing 7 months with my Dad and family here. I have loved every minute of it, and so have my girls! I wouldn't trade the past 7 months for anything... While being here I have found me again, I have new passions, I have so many things I want to do... my eyes have been opened to many different things. It has been truly a time that I will always treasure!

* It's so weird to know that I'm fixing to move and I'm not doing anything to prepare for that move... I feel like I should be packing everything up! So nice that I don't have to : )  Not only do I not have to pack, but they take everything apart and put everything back together in our new home! Weston will be glad he won't have to mess with that bunk bed!

* The Disc Golf Player's Cup is in Austin, TX this week, and this evening Avery and Valarie Jenkins and Nate Doss are giving a free clinic! I'm so bummed because Austin according to MapQuest is only an hour and 22 minutes away!! That's one thing I am excited to be moving to Texas for, Disc Golf... I hope I get the opportunity to meet a few Pro women players and get some tips, and I definitely plan on playing in as many tournaments as I can! I know I said enough of Disc Golf, but I can't help it : )  I'm excited for Weston and me and the girls to play a lot while in Texas. With my winnings from the tournament I got Weston a disc golf bag and a disc (and me a disc too). So we are all set to go when we get there!

* It's a cloudy, rainy day here in Georgia, and Abi and I are planning on making Chocolate Mint cookies and I'm hoping for a nap later ; )  Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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