October 17, 2011

Josh Franklin Memorial at Chehaw

I had my first PDGA sanctioned tournament this past weekend, it was also my first singles disc golf tournament. I had SO much fun! I'm wanting to say they had close to 40 people competing in the tournament, with two Pro players there. In the Women's Rec. division there were 3 of us girls. All 3 of us got along really well and we had a blast playing!

Friday I went out to Chehaw park and helped do some things to prepare for the tournament, Friday night I went to my Dad's to help get some last minute things done and one of the Pros, Geoffery "Toad"  McReynolds, was staying at their house. I got to pick his brain about disc golf and he gave me a brand new putter, which just so happened to be pink : ) I love the putter!

Saturday EARLY morning, we headed to the disc golf course, being the first ones there I took advantage of some time and Toad worked with me on throwing off the tee box for about 30 minutes. It helped me out SO much, Throughout the competition I had some great shots that I was super proud of! Thank you so much Toad : )

The first round Saturday morning I felt really good and I finished the round with a 67 and the CTP (Closest to Pin). The second round not only was it tougher, the baskets were moved and I was tired. I ended up finishing that round with a 77, and I was EXHAUSTED! Playing in a tournament was much different, not only are you physically exhausted, but mentally too! I was trying my hardest to focus and make the best shot possible. By the end of the day I was leading in my division by 33 points! I was pretty excited!  Sunday morning we started the 3rd and final round of the tournament...all the baskets were set in the LONG position! It was a tough round, but still so fun : ) I finished the round with a 74 and a total combined scored of 218. The other two girls I played with (who I had a blast with by the way) finished with a 266 and a 267.

Nobody got an Ace during all 3 rounds so after the tournament was over Sunday afternoon we all went out and shot to a basket, whoever Aced it or landed closest to the basket won the Ace fund, which was $52.00! May sound silly but I was nervous to get up there and throw because I was the only girl throwing amongst 30 something guys, so I waited till I couldn't wait anymore. I silently told God I wanted to win this and got up there and threw... and I landed just 3 feet from the basket... and WON : )  I was SHOCKED! And so was everyone else I think! A few more people threw after me, including Candice (one of the girls I played with, and an AWESOME new friend), and I just have to say Candice I was SO proud of your throw, you crushed it! Throw like that every time off the tee box... I will have some serious competition when I come back next year ; )

At the Awards I ended up winning $20.00 in Disc merchandise for winning the CTP, I won the Ace fund, and I also took first place in the Women's Division which was $30.00 in Disc merchandise!  Everyone at the tournament was such a great group of people, it was a great atmosphere and I had so much fun! I've gained new friends and I learned so much!

Have a blessed week!


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