September 12, 2011

Valdosta/Thomasville Tournament

Good beautiful Monday morning!!! I feel like I've had the busiest weekend EVER!! Friday, my Dad, Papa, Dave and myself drove to Valdosta and went to Freedom Park and played the Disc Golf course. They figured with the tournament on Saturday and me never have played the course I needed to go through it one time, and they needed the practice and to refresh their memories : )  It was a pretty tough course... most of the course is in the woods and requires a lot of hyzer and anhyzer shots, which I am not good at all at. I got lucky on several of the holes just making it through the trees, and then other times my disc didn't go very far at all before it hit a tree. But the course is really nice, and was a ton of fun.  Saturday morning we pulled up into the park and I had the butterflies something fierce... There were a lot of people there... and once again I was the only girl there (that was playing).  My dad kept telling me I needed to get up there and practice my putting and throw a few discs and get warmed up and I was so nervous that my disc was shaking in my hands : )  We found out which hole we were to start at and went to find it so we would be ready at tee off time. We were paired with a great team, Andrew and Jim, they were super nice guys and I felt really comfortable around them, and my game was ON for the first round. Me and Dad finished the round 2 under I believe with a score of 52, which actually tied us for first place. I felt really good after playing the first 18, me and Dad did awesome... and of course after coming back from the lunch break I was told that the girl in the pink shirt (myself:)) was the talk of the table at lunch, so of course you know that I stunk it up the next round!  For the next 18 we were paired with the guys that we were tied with, and me and Dad just got off to a bad start and never fully recovered, which knocked us down to fourth place.  The third round was on Sunday and at Thomasville's park, the third round was 24 holes, 12 worst shot and 12 best shot. We didn't play horribly, but we didn't play great either, but we had a TON of fun and finished the tournament in 4th place. In Thomasville we got to play with Andrew and Jim again, I really enjoyed playing with them, they were great players, and great people! They ended up coming in second place! We did walk away with a prize though, Dad got CTP (Closest To Pin) and we got a couple of discs, a shirt, some gift certificates and Innova stickers.

Playing in the tournament was a lot of fun, I got to meet a lot of people and everyone was so nice! It builds up your love for the game that much more, seeing others play and how fun it is, and how supportive others are. I'm excited to keep practicing and getting better and better and improving my game! It will be a lot different but my next tournament will be a singles tournament, so I have lots of practicing to do : )

Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!!


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