September 14, 2011

Mid~Week Randoms

* Very productive week!! It's always nice to have such a clean house... it gives you lots of time for fun things : )  Before leaving for my tournament this past weekend I cleaned and organized each room in our house. So this week I worked on shampooing carpets and our couch, and organizing my own little craft area!  I started my craft area last week, I actually got rid of the play room in hopes to make it my craft room (since the girls always drag their toys to their room to play), but of course I got it totally emptied and went to move the table into the room... and it wouldn't fit down the hallway. You would think that I would have thought about that first... So no new craft room... : )  But I have my own space in my room, and it works for now!

* Last night Abi and I were making lasagna and she held up a lasagna noodle and asked if we could take some to our neighbors : )  She made me smile because although taking the neighbors some hard lasagna noodles sounded silly to me, it was her heart that was so touching. So I promised her today that we would make some goodies to take to the neighbors, and we did. We made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and took them to a few neighbors and family. It was so sweet watching Abi walk up to a persons door that she didn't know and be so excited about giving them the muffins she just made!

* Ama and I will be making brownies together tomorrow evening for her to take to her fundraiser at school on Friday. I let her pick what we make, and she wants brownies with chocolate chips in them?? Never made brownies with chocolate chips in them, have you? Anyone have any good recipes they might be able to share with me : )

* I'm getting excited about our trip home in October, can't wait to see my family and friends!!

* I'm SO ready for these gnats to be gone so I can actually enjoy being outside...

* I remember how me and my brother were when we were little but I don't remember fighting as much as both my girls do. My girls can be SO mean to each other, here the past few days it has been extra bad. They love each other and are giggling one minute and then the next Ama is screaming at the top of her lungs and Abi is crying at the top of her lungs : ) 

* I pray with the girls in the car ride on the way to school in the mornings, and we pray for all kinds of things, but one thing we always include is how much we love God and how we want to glorify God in everything we do that day. It's so rewarding to me as a mom to watch my kids pray with me and listen to their hearts. I talk to God throughout the day constantly, but I have tried to be more vocal so that my kids can see and hear me pray. Ama is getting to the point now that she is starting to get comfortable with praying (besides praying for the meal) and I can't help but smile when I hear her pray. Abi is so cute she will say a few words and then say amen, say a few words and then say amen : )

That's all my randoms for now!!


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  1. I love your blog :) sounds like you have two amazing little girls! we need to get together soon!