September 7, 2011

Mid~Week Randoms

*We woke up to a beautiful morning, it was nice and cool outside, and a high of only 80 degrees today!! The windows are open, the music has been on and Abi and I have been cleaning away. Trying to go through toys and their clothes and get rid of some stuff!

*I stayed up last night making Ama a couple of hair bows with her school colors in it, just for fun : ) And here's a couple pics...
 I just had to put this one in here to show off her cuteness : )

*I went to buy a disc golf towel for my upcoming tournament (just in case I might need one) and I just couldn't bring myself to buy one for the price they were, it would have been one thing had it looked somewhat decent, and been a little I made my own. I got a blue bath towel that sordof matches my disc golf bag, and I also bought a hot pink striped towel. I haven't gotten the pink one done yet, I plan on finishing that one today or tomorrow, but here's my blue towel...

*We have our doubles tournament in Valdosta and Thomasville this weekend... we are leaving early Friday so that we can play the Valdosta course since I have never played it before. That way come Saturday at the tournament I won't be totally clueless about the course! Saturday we play the Valdosta course, it's an 18 hole course, the first round will be the best shot format, and the second round, alternate shot format. On Sunday we finish the tournament up in Thomasville, it's a 12 hole course, one round will be the worst shot format, and the other round I'm hoping will be best shot format again... either way, it will be lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to it!!

*I hung some letters on the back of my stove this morning and I got them crooked... I was in too big of a hurry, oh well : ) I still like it!

*I was pretty bummed, I didn't get to go to my Bible study yesterday, nor did I get to go see and listen to Josh McDowell because Abi and I had a yucky stomach bug. But it did make me feel good to get a call saying that I was missed at the Bible study...

*Now that I have gotten a taste of the cooler weather I'm excited for fall to be here, and I have a HUGE craving for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins... which I will be making in the very near future! (Thanks Mom for that recipe).

Hope everyone has a blessed week!!


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