September 21, 2011

Mid~Week Randoms

* Good Beautiful Wednesday!!!!

* Monday we were treated to the Circus, it was so much fun, and our first time going to a tent circus! With it being in a tent we were so close to everything!! Ama like always cried at first, but then ended up loving it. Every time we go to the circus she cries and gets scared of the fire, and loud noises, and when it gets dark, but she wasn't quite as bad as she has been in the past. Abi was studying everything, she didn't take her eyes off of anything! And... Abi has been begging for me to take her back to the "big tent"!  I took A LOT of pictures since we were so close to everything, but here's a few pictures of the girls!!
The entrance into the Circus

Ama right before her and Abi rode the ponies

Ama... crying....before the circus even started

This was Abi's facial expression throughout the whole Circus

Me and Ama

All their clowns looked a little freaky...

*I'm getting pretty good at using the grill : )

* We went to Dollar General yesterday to get some charcoal and a few little things I needed and one of Ama's friends from school and her mother were behind us in the check out line, I spotted some lighters for sale on the counter and grabbed one to buy (I've been needing to get one for a while to seal the ends of my ribbon for hair bows), when I grabbed the lighter Ama's friend said, "Ewwww, your Mom smokes..." when I turned around Ama was telling her that no I do not, and I explained to the girl what I was getting the lighter for, but neither her nor her mom looked like they believed me, it was actually kind of funny.... kids are so honest.

* I am officially a member of the PDGA : ) my number is 50229! How exciting!! For those of you that don't know what the PDGA is... Professional Disc Golf Association.

* For those of you who have not heard, Weston has gotten his official orders and we will be officially moving to Ft. Hood, Texas. He also has his plane tickets to fly home and he can't wait, he is obviously SUPER excited about coming home. I can't believe that it's been 18 months since we have lived together as a family... Ama and Abi have grown up SO much since Weston has been gone. The girls are very excited about their daddy coming home, but they also don't want to move. I imagine it will be the hardest on Amariah, she has made a lot of friends and she loves her school, it will be hard on her to leave and start all over in a new school. It will definitely be different not being around family... but I'm ready for our family to be together again, it's been a long time. Here's a picture the day Weston left for Basic Training, the girls look so young! Ama had just turned 5, and Abi was 22 months old!
I don't remember why Abi has no pants on... we went to eat before this, maybe she spilled her drink??

* Abi's southern accent has only grown stronger, and Ama just now is showing a little southern twang : )

* I don't know where it's coming from, but I have all these creative ideas coming to me... THANK YOU JESUS... finally : )  My mom is SO talented when it comes to decorating and redoing things, she can turn something that looks awful into something amazing. I think just maybe I might be getting a little of that. I've had several ideas that I have shared with Weston of some projects I want to do when he comes home, I will definitely share them with you as we complete them!!


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