July 31, 2011

Back To School!!! And Happy Birthday Hanah!!!

I have went back and forth on this for a long time now, but.... Ama will be going to public school....  The both of us are really excited, when I told Ama she jumped up and down and told me that I was the best mom EVER!! And me... well I was trying to not feel guilty about being excited about having a break throughout the day! 

As far as which school she will be attending, she has been on the waiting list for the Charter School for a while now, but they had no room for her in the first grade, if I were planning on staying here I would put her in a private school, but I don't want to go through the long application process only to pull her out a couple months later. So for now she will be going to the Calhoun County Elementary School, the school is actually about a 15 minute drive from where we live, but there is a bus that runs that she can ride on. (Although it is also possible that she has to be on that bus around 6:30am.....wowzers!).  School starts this coming Thursday, August 4th!! We are fixin' to do some school shopping, Ama will have to wear school uniforms, which I like, It's khaki bottoms, and for the top, a polo shirt that is either red, navy, royal blue, white or khaki.

I also would like to wish my sister, Hanah, a very Happy Birthday!!!  Today is her 16th birthday... My sister has such an awesome heart, I think the world of her! Happy Birthday Hanah, from Weston, Ashley, Ama and Abi!!!

Other than getting ready for school, not a whole lot of anything is new with us Tabor girls!  : ) 

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