May 25, 2011

Ama's First T-Ball Practice!!!

Yesterday was Ama's first day at T-Ball! She had a blast! She was pretty nervous before we got there, and I started to get nervous she was going to want to back out, but she did great! She is the only girl on the team, and at first she was the tallest! Half way into practice another little boy showed up that is her same age and they are the same height. The league is for 4-6 year olds, and I'm pretty sure Ama and the boy that is as tall as her are the only two 6 year olds on the team.  Ama picked out her outfit to practice, so of course she was decked out in all pink! Her cleats have pink in them, her glove and bat have pink in them, her batting helmet is hot pink, and her bat bag is pink... I'm thinking none of her stuff is going to get mistaken with the boy's stuff : )  I was so proud of Ama and how well she did, she is naturally athletic, and the coach said she's the best on the team.

When the coach asked for volunteers to be the Team Mom, no one volunteered, and finally about the 3rd time he asked, I volunteered! I'm excited about it, and I've been doing research this morning to get some ideas for different things, so we will see how it goes! If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know!

Of course I took some video for Weston so he could watch Ama's first practice, I'm sure he will be just as proud as I am!! Here are some little clips that I took!

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