March 29, 2011


I will be posting all about our move and how everyone is doing, but for now, this post is all about Skeeter. He has absolutely amazed me, and for me, it's just another way that God is showing his love to me. On moving day, last Friday, he knew something was going on, and he barked for 3 hours straight while we loaded up, and the poor thing it rained and stormed on him the whole 2 days we traveled. We went from Indiana to Decatur, Alabama, we stayed in a Holiday Inn and our room was right by the pool and game room. Probably until 1:00am we had kids running up and down the halls, screaming, it sounded like at times they were banging our door down. But Skeeter was prefect, he laid snuggled up to Ama and he was alert and listening, but he didn't bark or anything (not like him, he barks at EVERYTHING). Every time we would stop and eat he stayed in the back of the truck in his kennel, we would let him out to go potty and exercise and then just tell him "Kennel" and he would jump in the truck and go right in his kennel. He amazed me at how well he traveled and how well behaved he was. There were times it was raining so hard I could barely see the road... he was a trooper!

When we finally got here to Georgia I was so nervous about what he would do. I wasn't sure if he wasn't on a leash if he would just take off or stay around here. We got here and there was a crowd awaiting us, so he was excited! I had to put him in his outside kennel while we unloaded the moving truck, and he barked most of the time. I got him out on his leash and he checked everything out, and he got his first experience with fire ants, he layed right in an ant bed and he was covered in them! His poor belly had red whelps all over him from where he had been bitten. But by the end of the day I took him out to go potty without a leash, and everyday since then he has not been on a leash. For now he has to stay in our yard, as soon as he goes "too far" all I say is his name and he turns around and comes back. I have never had a dog that listens to me so well, he has been so good. Of course he is still a big puppy, he has his hyper moments, but for the most part he is a very good dog. And he LOVES it here. You can tell when a dog is happy and they almost look like they are smiling. He looks so happy, he chases the birds and the squirrels and loves running aorund here, and he's even made a girlfriend, Bella, a little chocolate Chihuahua : )

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