March 14, 2011

Beautiful Monday!

It's monday... normally I strongly dislike mondays, but today I am off work : ) makes me really happy, for me monday is the worst day to work... and another reason I like this monday is The Bachelor season finale is tonight! Yay! Okay, so I don't really agree with the whole show and morally it is so wrong in so many ways, but.... it's addicting and I like it : ) And Emily is the sweetest thing ever, I'm rooting for her!! I think another reason this monday is good for me is because I also know that this is my last week working at the Post Office. I can't tell you how much excitement and joy that gives me. Work has been one of the most things that has stressed me out for the past year since Weston has been gone, and the fact that this is my last week is SO exciting! I will most definitely miss some people up there (not everyone), and yes it is a good paying job, but it comes with stress too, and that stress multiplied for me when Weston left.

Another thing about this week that for me (but mostly for the girls) is super exciting is... this is the girl's LAST week to go to Erika's!!! Erika runs an in home day care, which for me she has been a God send! There is not a doubt in my head I would not have been able to make the past year without her, she worked with my crazy work schedule and I'm extremely thankful for her.... but, I'm so glad to not have to take my kids to daycare anymore!!

For Ama this is not exciting, but this is the last week of school for Ama. Ama absolutely loves her teacher and loves going to school. When I drop her off it is so fun to watch her interacting with her friends, and although it makes me happy to pull her out of public school, my heart hurts for her because I know how much she enjoys it. She will go back to being home schooled, but I plan on getting her involved in lots of activities once we get settled in Georgia.

Speaking of Georgia... ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS!!!!  It flew here, I'm very impressed with myself at how much I already have done. Normally I am a procrastinator and I end up stressing myself out the last minute hurrying up and getting stuff done. But over the past several weeks I have slowly packed things up here and there, over the past week I have been working on clothes, and last night I finally finished. It amazed me how many clothes we had (especially Weston) and how much I kept on too because I might fit back into them soon, some of these clothes I'm talking about are from when I was in high school... seriously??? Had to face it, I will NEVER fit back into those! I have most of our things packed, things are really bare around here, and I'm fixing to start the cleaning! I got rid of a lot of stuff while packing and it's all sitting in my garage, a huge pile of stuff! I like decluttering, it feels so good : )

 Things are falling into place for me in such a way that it has to be God. I feel so incredibly blessed, and although I am nervous about the move, I am ready, I am excited, and I have never had so much confirmation like I have had with this decision. Mainly I'm nervous just because it's something new, which is exciting, new is always exciting, but change is always different, living without my income when we have depended on that makes me nervous. But at the same time, I will be forced to not put my trust in the fact that I have a good job, and I will be forced to trust God, that He will provide for us, and I shouldn't worry about it. God has never failed us, He has been AMAZING to us. So I know we will be fine. God is awesome : ) Just looking back at so many different things, He is just awesome, I love Him so much. I can't imagine how people go through life without Him...

Well, both of my beautiful girls just woke up, so it's time to get my day going!!! Have a beautiful monday!!!

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  1. It's wonderful when God moves in your life and you just KNOW it is Him! Best wishes on your time at home with the girls. :-)