March 10, 2011

Artsy Ama

Ama is very... artistic. From the moment she learned to color the child has always colored on everything! We have had color on our couches, walls, beds, table, entertainment ctr., toys... the list could go on. It's like she just can't resist. She will get crayons or markers or paint from someone and she will start out good coloring on paper and then I guess she gets bored. Each time she gets colors I tell her if I find color on anything other than paper it goes in the trash. For her birthday she got a big set of every color of marker imaginable, and she even got a pouch to keep them in, and coloring books! So today she's on the floor coloring in her books when I notice she's coloring her shoe! And this was our conversation:

Me: Ama! You aren't coloring on your shoes are you?!?
Ama: No... (looks at shoe with marker in hand) Oh... I must've fell asleep and did that.
Me: Asleep??? You weren't sleeping I saw you.
Ama: No I was sleeping, I didn't know I was coloring on my shoe.

Sleeping... that was the best she could come up with...So now... bye bye markers : ) except, I'm not throwing them away, just putting them away for awhile.

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